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Protecting Your Property During Florida’s Rainy Season

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Low and behold, Florida's rainy season is quickly approaching. It begins in May and does not let up for five whole months. However, with every rain cloud, we truly believe there is a silver lining. We're going to show you steps to protect you home and yard during this soggy time. Why prepare for downpours? Sure, Floridians face a pretty narrow spectrum of problems when it comes to weather; but that does not mean they are any less serious. Lightning, hurricanes, intense heat... it all goes with the territory. Nevertheless, even though Florida's rainy season seems to be the least...
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Financial Tips for High School Graduates: What Millennials Should Know

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Congratulations! You or someone you know is about to graduate high school. They've ordered their cap and gown and are ready to walk across the graduation stage. It's an awesome milestone; yet, at the same time, there are many upcoming responsibilities to consider. As they transition into the chapter of adulthood, there may be a lot of questions about what they should expect when it comes to their money. We've filled this post with great information and are ready to share 5 financial tips for high school graduates. Don't forget to share this article to your graduate's Facebook timeline! 1. Credit is...
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ID Theft vs Fraud : What’s the Difference?

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Giant Corporation Database Hacked! Customer Accounts Compromised! Personal Information at Risk! With unsettling regularity we learn about massive security breaches of government or corporate databases, with the potential to reveal sensitive personal information. The probability of ID theft or financial damage is almost certain, but how do we protect ourselves? In this digital age, where hackers seem to be one step ahead of cyber security, CAN we protect our confidential data? The answer is yes, but understanding the options is critical to making the right protection decisions. ID theft generally occurs when a security breach happens. Thieves may use this...
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