Halloween Safety Tips to Make the Most Out of the Occasion

Are your little goblins ready to hit the roads this Halloween? Does the mere mention of candy get them excited to start chiming on doorbells? Well, while we all understand children’s enthusiasm, parents also have the responsibility of keeping them safe. No one wants to spoil the fun; but, there are a few things about Trick-Or-Treating that are worth mentioning. This post will cover all of the Halloween safety tips to make the most out of the occasion.

Pre-plan your route.

Make sure to pre-plan your route ahead of time. This is not only to avoid getting lost, but it’s also to have a plan of action if one of your little ones needs to use a bathroom. Even more so, stick to familiar neighborhoods with plenty of street lighting.

Designate a chaperone.

Any child under 12 should be accompanied by an adult. Furthermore, if you are traveling in a group of small children, there should be 1 adult for every 5 kids. Sometimes a large group of children in costume can get chaotic, so having plenty of adults around will help ensure the night goes more smoothly.

Wear costumes that are visible at night.

Although most traditional Halloween party costumes are dark like the shadows, it’s better to stand out while walking up and down the streets. Use reflective tape or glow sticks on the costume and carry flashlights so that you are visible at night.

Check masks before leaving the house.

Sometimes, masks can be more of a hinderance than they’re worth. If your child does not have their full range of vision while wearing the mask, they would not Trick-Or-Treat with it. This is one of the Halloween safety tips that applies to adults as well.

Only visit brightly lit houses.

Most of the time, if a house is missing decorations on the outside, it is not participating. As a Halloween safety tip, do not knock on houses that have their lights off. Additionally, do not open locked or closed gates. It may seem like common sense, but you’ll be surprised how many people still disturb houses that clearly are not in the spirit.

Carry a whistle.

Carrying a whistle is a good idea if you need attention/help right away. Use it only in emergencies.

Don’t eat candy until you inspect it.

It may be tempting to eat a treat or two while out and about; but as part of our Halloween safety tips, wait until you’ve checked your candy. Inspect each piece to make sure the wrappers are fully intact.

There you have it, a wide range of Halloween safety tips to celebrate the occasion. Remember to know your route, be keen to participating houses, and carry a flashlight. From all of us at Achieva, we wish you a GOOD and spooktacular time.

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