Simple Low Maintenance Landscaping to Boost Your Home

Simple Low Maintenance Landscaping to Boost Your Home

The attractiveness of a home can affect its resale value. Additionally, even if the home is not on the market, good curb appeal adds a sense of happiness to the owners. Find out how to boost your home with these simple low maintenance landscaping ideas.

Low maintenance landscaping on a budget

First and foremost, adding a few perks to your yard does not have to cost a lot. There are very effective ways to add beauty to the outside of your home without breaking the bank. Here are the most popular (and budget-friendly) ways to better landscaping:

  1. Use a water feature.

  2. Add a flower bed border.

  3. Hide your trash cans behind a decorative wall.

  4. Store your water hoses.

  5. Create interesting pathways.

These suggestions do not require a lot of money, and most of the time, homeowners can add a their own DIY power to finish the job.

Easy landscaping with rocks

According to 1001 Gardens, landscaping rocks do really good on sloped lawns. Consider adding a few as a way to improve the look of your home’s exterior. Rocks do not need a lot of maintenance and they add interest to the yard.

It’s an added bonus if the rocks occurred on your property naturally. Nevertheless, be sure to bundle them with tough-rooting bulb plants that don’t require yearly replanting to make the yard complete.

Drought-resistant plants

The less you have to water, the easier your lawn will be. Many homeowners take advantage of drought-resistant plants as a way to add appeal without all the fuss. Here is a list of drought-resistant plants for both sun and shade.


  • Hosta

  • Foxglove

  • Japanese Pachysandra

  • Vinca Minor Vines

  • Snowdrops

  • Siberian Squill

  • Foamflower


  • Agave

  • Bougainvillea

  • Portulaca

  • Gaillardia

  • Verbena

  • Lantana

  • Wallflower

The basics of simple landscaping

To accomplish a simple low maintenance landscaping design, you will need to start with the basics. This includes a healthy lawn, freedom from weeds, and proper edging. Furthermore, to make your house pop ensure that the driveways and sidewalks are clean. Before putting additional plants or flowers, it’s best to get a hang of the fundamentals.

Research your low maintenance yard

In conclusion, the journey to a beautiful yard with optimum curb appeal can be fun. Take your time to plan each step along the way. Also, to avoid unnecessary purchases, make sure to do your research.

Cost-effective landscaping is achievable using all of the tips above. Check out this related article about funding home improvements.


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