The Best Resume Writing Tips for Remote Jobseekers

The Best Resume Writing Tips for Remote Jobseekers

The job market is in transition. Employers need remote workers. Now is the perfect time to stand out from the crowd and get hired. Review our resume writing tips below to land your dream job as a digital nomad. 

How to write a winning resume

There are a few things to know about resumes in general. First, let’s discuss the basics, such as formatting, word quality, and space fillers. Then, we’ll provide resume writing tips specifically for remote applicants. 


Your resume is ultimately an advertisement. You want to showcase your strengths so employers will hire you. With that said, do not let your fonts become a distraction. Stick to all black text and use polished fonts like Cambria.  

Ideally, your resume should avoid lengthy paragraphs. You want to allow your potential employer to consume your resume’s information without being bombarded. If you have a series of details to present, consider bullet points or numerals. 

Word quality

In a previous article, we discussed the importance of using the correct keywords. Since employers rely on software to screen resume submissions, it’s vital to match their requirements. 

Furthermore, word quality also goes into believability. The best resumes get to the point and withdraw from excessive fluff. The terms “exquisite,” “outstanding,” or “immaculate” sound overcompensating. Remember, let your experience and skills do the talking. 

Space fillers and photographs

Be careful to bypass space fillers. “Upon request” uses unnecessary room on your resumes, and it also frustrates employers. 

Additionally, photos do not belong on a resume. There was a period when the creative industries would enjoy artistic icons, but the practice is long outdated. Modeling and acting applicants would be the only exception to the rule; however, the employer would indicate to attach a headshot. 

What employers look for when hiring remote workers

Besides skillset, there are key personality traits that employers look for when hiring remote workers. They are:

– independence
– initiative
– trustworthiness
– openness to communication

If you possess any of these qualities, you’ll want to assert them via your resume. Think carefully about which professional experiences match, and sift out the rest. For instance, you can display trustworthiness by citing your previous accomplishments with clients. 

Moreover, be genuine when you fill out your resume. As much as you desire employment, the employer aspires to have a worthy employee. There are tons of articles on how to write a professional bio, so give them a look before drafting.

Send Resumes properly

Another crucial tip to remember, send your resumes following the employer’s instructions. If they require you to log onto the career portion of their website, then that’s how you should proceed. If, instead, they ask for an email, please do so accordingly. Your job is to get your resume into the hands of the right people. As a future employee, following directions from the get-go is essential.

Get noticed by using simple resume writing tips.

As you mark off the resume writing tips one by one, you’re bound to feel empowered. Continue reading our blog for additional workplace pointers, such as how to ace your interview, and more. We look forward to sharing additional content for your financial health and overall well-being. 

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