Stretch Your Paycheck Over the Next Week

Stretch Your Paycheck Over the Next Week

Payday is just around the corner and you need to stretch your paycheck to stay afloat. How would you make your money last until your next direct deposit? If you’re unsure, continue reading to find out some easy money hacks to hold you over.

1: Raid your pantry

Instead of going out to eat, try creating a dinner using items that are already in your pantry. Besides the benefit of saving money, you’ll utilize more of the things you’ve invested in. Nothing says wasting money like buying food out when there’s already a bountiful harvest at home. To help you stretch your paycheck over the next week, take advantage of resources you already have. Sites like My Fridge Food make it easy to whip up a delicious dinner according to your fridge’s current status.

2: Try free or cheap family events

Your family’s fun doesn’t have to stop even though your spending is on hold. Look at your local newspaper for free or cheap family events. The summertime is great for outside art festivals and town gatherings. See what’s available near you.

3: Bring your own snacks

When you’re out an about running errands, it can be almost impulsive to grab a snack along the way. Add a bottle of water and before you know it, $6 is out the window. Therefore, the next time you plan to go out, take along some car safe snacks and a cooler full of beverages. Stretch your paycheck further by avoiding convenience spending.

4: Never skip a promo-code search

If you must purchase something online while waiting for your next payday, make sure to never skip a promo-code search. You’ll be surprised by how quickly new promotions are created, some even on an hourly basis. Look on the company’s social media pages, and/or promo-code sharing sites.

5: Consider adjusting your budget

Sometimes, when you’re forced to stretch your paycheck, you’re also forced to look at your spending. Consider ways to cut back in the long-term so things are more comfortable in the future.

6: Cancel unused memberships

Do you have a gym that you pay for but don’t go to? Or what about a bulk shopping membership that hasn’t worked out? Cancel these things and avoid further unnecessary costs.

Easily stretch your paycheck

Now that you’ve learned how to easily stretch your paycheck, it’s time to put these skills into practice. What other things might you consider when cutting spending for the week? By using the tips above, you’re sure to make your money go the distance to work for you.

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