Tax Tips for Last-Minute Filers

Tax Tips for Last-Minute Filers

Tax Day 2022 in the United States is Monday, April 18, 2022. For last-minute filers, the date approaches like a whirlwind. If you find yourself in the income reporting hot seat, never fear. We have some easy-to-follow tax tips to finish this year’s process once and for all.

Electronic filing is faster

When you e-file, it typically takes 24 to 48 hours for the IRS to accept your return. If you file by mail, it will take much longer because of the time added for delivery. Additionally, for taxpayers who e-file and choose direct deposit, the IRS issues most refunds in fewer than 21 days. If you utilize mail to file, your refund could take up to 6-8 weeks. 

The IRS is on Instagram

Stay current with helpful information by following @IRSnews on Instagram. Per their previous post, “… is your pipeline for last-minute tax filing help. Connect with the IRS online for information and tools to help you meet your tax obligations.” 

While you’re at it, don’t forget to follow @AchievaCreditUnion on Instagram too.

Taxpayers have repayment options

Most individual taxpayers qualify to set up an online payment plan with the IRS, and it only takes a few minutes to apply. They have short-term choices, best suited for payment periods of 180 days and less, or long-term options for extended amounts. View more information on their IRS tax tips blog.

Tax tips that work

The general tax tips above work for each tax season, regardless of year. We hope this article has helped you through the process and provided options for filing. Once completed, check out our related article about making the most of your tax refund.

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