Refocus with These After-Holiday Productivity Tips

Refocus with These After-holiday Productivity Tips

Working after a holiday vacation can feel unmotivated. You may log back into your computer following a week off and become greeted with a flood of emails. Furthermore, you may find it hard to concentrate on tasks since you’ve been out of work for so long. 

If any of these examples sound familiar, then you’re in need of our after-holiday productivity tips. We’ll help you plan your activities while at work to make you more productive than ever. To boost you away from the post-vacation blues, continue reading for more details.

Conduct email correspondences once a day

Until you get caught up, responding to every email as they come can create mindset fatigue. Instead, use your first hour of work every day to organize and respond. An exception would be items flagged as urgent or if you get a direct phone call to look into the situation. 

Listen to voicemails once a day

If you start putting out fires without a plan, you may find you don’t have enough water in your hypothetical bucket. Hence, mid-morning is the best time to listen to voicemails and conduct callbacks. It’s early enough to respond if needed while still allowing room for planning. 

Create a priority list

After-holiday productivity is best when activities are assigned a rank in priority. Start by listing your top-of-mind items since those are usually the ones that are most important. Then, give the rest of your day some thought, considering how long each task will take. If an activity blocks other tasks from happening, it should go up in priority. Make your list actionable and concise. You’ll be impressed by how many items you can check off in a single day. 

Drink plenty of water

There’s a notion that coffee gives energy. While it does provide a temporary boost, the truth is that it also drains you. To avoid a caffeine crash, remember to drink plenty of water throughout your work day. 

Go someplace quiet for lunch

You may need to recharge during the first week back from time off. Your lunch break is the perfect opportunity to unwind. If your job has an outside area that’s quiet, spend at least 10 minutes sitting away from the chaos. Take a moment to collect your thoughts and brush off any unsettled stress. 

Concentrate on the bigger picture

Our final after-holiday productivity tip focuses on your ability to be part of a team. Knowing that your work is vital to your company’s success will inspire you to keep going. Think about your contributions to the workforce, feeling pride for a job well done. One by one, you’ll be more and more motivated to tackle your to-do list. 

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