Clever Airbnb Booking Tips That Will Save You Money

Secret Airbnb Booking Tips That Will Save You Money

Winter is just a few months away, and it’s time to think about how you will spend your holiday. For some, the December break calls for a quiet trip to the mountains. For others, they prefer traveling closer to the equator for year-round fun in the sun. Regardless of what your final choice is, use these secret Airbnb booking tips to save serious cash.

Airbnb introduces enhanced cleaning protocols

A recent press release from Airbnb describes changes to rental cleaning requirements. The increased efforts vow to keep vacationers safe and offer consumers more for their money, such as private kitchens and swimming pools. As the company and its hosts remain committed to ensuring appropriate precautions, they also want to continue providing the best mix of affordability and luxury. They look forward to the reopening of communities and their tourism economies.  

How to save money when booking an Airbnb

We’ve reviewed reports from traveling experts to produce the top 4 tips for saving money with Airbnb. Continue reading to learn more.

1. Search for promo codes

Airbnb affiliates offer promo codes for discounted rates. Popular couponing sites, such as and, provide the easiest way to click through. Furthermore, you should be able to score the reduced pricing without providing your email address or any other personal data. 

2. Book early

Other Airbnb booking tips include booking early. It not only allows the host time to prepare for your stay, but it also avoids the obligatory peak season price increase. During December, holiday room prices increase to suit demand. To get a better deal, regardless of the season, try booking a few months ahead of time.

3. Build a rapport with the host

After reading the details of your stay, it’s time to build a rapport with the host. Before booking, consider opening a text dialogue about the safety measures of the rental or general topics, such as nearby restaurants. Keep your conversations short and professional, then once good communication is established, look for opportunities to negotiate the price. The host may honor a discount request to solidify your stay. 

4. Stay longer

The discount will vary from host to host; however, you can find savings as you add extra nights. If you already set up your sinking fund for this year’s holiday trip, consider dining out less to stay longer. 

Using the Airbnb booking tips above, your bound to spend less on your next vacation. And when you do travel, always remember your Achieva MasterCard. This card carries protection against any unauthorized purchases that could de-rail your vacation fun! Check out all the card’s benefits here. Continue following the Achieva Life Blog for more money-saving suggestions and lifestyle posts.

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