Going Green At Home In 4 Easy Steps

Green is the new black! Well, at least in the sense of becoming more environmentally friendly.

It may not be the most popular color on the runway—black still holds the most fashionable title—but green IS trending when it comes to lifestyle choices.

Most people, when polled, agree that we need to be more aware of our impact on Earth. We all know the classic 3 R’s of going green at home: Recycle, Reduce, Reuse. It was a fun chant back elementary school! There’s even a new “R” now: Rethink.

The problem lies in the action. It’s overwhelming to face a huge change, which is why many people never make the adjustment.

Start with small, easy steps towards reducing your footprint on our beautiful world. Here are some simple suggestions based on the 4 Rs.

1. REDUCE: Replace your traditional bulbs with energy-efficient bulbs and reduce your energy use. You’ll save on your power bill, too!

2. REUSE: Try your hand at composting. This is easier than it sounds. Start with coffee grounds, banana peels, and/or eggshells in a closed container in your kitchen. Bonus: This will do wonders for your garden!

3. RECYCLE: If you’re not used to reusable bags yet, try reusing your plastic grocery bags. You can reuse them to collect trash in your car or in your small wastebaskets in bathrooms.

4. RETHINK: Step back and look at every activity from a new perspective. Ask yourself, “How can I use one of the 4 Rs in this situation to make it better?” Plant a garden, shop at thrift stores, and ride your bike for shorter trips are all simple ways to go green at home.

One small change can make a huge impact. Changing just ONE habit can make all the difference! Here at Achieva, we’re also committed to a greener way of life. We are in the process of opening a completely “net zero” branchwhich generates 100% of its own energy with solar panels. We hope you’ll visit us when it’s open!

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