How Does Automatic Bill Pay Work?

How Does Automatic Bill Pay Work?

In this day and age, automation can significantly help our busy lifestyles. With the same ease that you program your coffee maker to brew a fresh cup every morning, you can set up automatic bill pay to handle your bills. After scheduling your reoccurring payments, such as your mortgage, your utilities, or even a car loan, your funds will go automatically on the date of your choice. 

Automatic bill pay removes the hassle of remembering monthly bills while saving time and clutter from needless paperwork. If you’re ready to start scheduled payments, continue reading this article for details.

Achieva Credit Union offers free scheduled payments

Members can enjoy the bill pay features below using Online Banking or the Achieva Mobile App. Best of all, the service is free! Not a member yet? Open an account quickly and easily online.*

Schedule one-time or recurring payments and receive alerts when payments have been sent. 

Send money to anyone, no matter where they bank. All you need is their e-mail address or mobile phone number. For added protection, you must select a security question for your recipients to answer the first time you perform a transaction with a new recipient.

Bill Pay services are available for both consumer and business accounts.

How to set up automatic bill pay

Organize your bill payments and streamline your budget using a few easy steps: 

1. Log into your account

2. Select Bill Pay on the bottom menu.

3. Select the Add Biller button

4. Follow the prompts as directed. 

If you need assistance with setup, our Member Service Center will be happy to help. Please call 800.593.2274 (toll-free).

Payments arrive on time- every time!

Automatic bill pay ensures that your bills are paid on time, every time. Once you establish a payee, you can relax knowing that the service will handle the rest. 

Make sure to visit our Bill Pay FAQs sheet to check out commonly asked questions.



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