Don’t Fall Victim To Consumer Fraud

Keep Fraudulent Charges From Your Accounts

There’s nothing worse than logging onto your accounts and seeing purchases that should not be there. We wonder how it happened and what we can do to prevent it from reoccurring. Also, what steps should we take once we discover fraudulent charges on our account? Continue reading to learn more information about ID theft and consumer fraud.

It’s mainly about prevention

Prevent consumer fraud by safeguarding your information. A few simple steps will ensure you are not making it easy for others to hack into your account.

1. Never share your passwords

First and foremost, do not share your passwords. This goes beyond not telling your friends and family, this also includes not inadvertently disclosing it to would be hackers. As a means to obtain our secured data, some cons have called or texted stating that family members were either under duress or in trouble. Do not fall for it. Never, under any circumstances, share your password over the phone or via text. Financial institutions and credit card companies will never solicit for that type of information.

2. Have a unique password

In addition to not sharing your password, prevent consumer fraud and protect your data by having a unique password. Using phrases such as “love”, “money”, or “password” are not sufficient in protecting others from hacking you. Make sure your password includes a combination of alpha and numeric characters, as well as a few that are capitalized. Also, never make your password something that’s easy to guess like your last name.

3. Only use trusted websites

When online shopping, make sure to use only trusted sites. Furthermore, avoid entering your credit or debit card number on a retailer’s site that you do not know. It’s more important to keep your information safe than it is to purchase a pair of shoes. Additionally, while we are talking about making online purchases, make sure to do so from a trusted computer. A shared computer at a public library (or at work) is not the best place to make your purchases. There is the possibility that a non-trusted computer could have data capturing software, putting your sensitive information at risk for exposure.

Benefits of Achieva Checking Plus

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What to do if you find fraudulent charges on your account

The first step is to report it to the financial institution where the charges were found. Call your credit union or credit card company and report the incorrect charges. Next, cancel the credit or debit card the charges were made on. (Most financial institutions will instruct you about this automatically.) Finally,  make sure you are requesting your credit report annually and review all transactions listed within it.

Take the next step

Take the next step in preventing consumer fraud in your accounts. Don’t forget to register for Achieva’s Free Seminar: ID Theft & Consumer Fraud. It will be held on May 24th, 2018 at the PTC campus. For more information, see our registration page.  We look forward to seeing you there.

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