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Everything You Need to Know About Renters Insurance

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Renters insurance (or HO-4) is an insurance policy where the tenant’s personal property is covered against power surges, water damage, vandalism, lightning, hail, windstorms, explosions, civil commotions, riots, smoke, volcanic eruptions, falling objects, damages caused by vehicles, damages caused by aircraft, damages caused by the weight of snow or sleet or ice, malicious mischief, thefts, and fires. It does not cover the actual structure. The owner, not the renter, is responsible for insurance on the actual building but is not in any way responsible for what is inside a tenant’s residence. Some landlords may even require that the renter purchase...
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Peak Season: Hurricane Preparedness

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The Atlantic hurricane season is in full swing, with the peak of the season occurring from mid-August through October. Each year the coast experiences an average of six hurricanes, three of which are considered “major”. Following the guidelines below can help you safely prepare for and ride out the storm. BE PREPARED Know your evacuation routes, especially if you live near the coast. Know which roads are likely to be closed, and map out alternate routes for leaving your area Find out how the emergency plans for your child’s school or care facility address hurricanes, and if you are required...
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Exciting New Improvements Coming to the Achieva Paw Park!

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Thanks to Brandon Galley from Boy Scout Troop 177 in New Port Richey, FL and Beneful’s Dream Dog Park Project Team! Before our Paw Park came to fruition, we had no idea the impact it would have on the community. While many dog owners have expressed gratitude for the park, we are just happy to be able to serve our community in this way; it’s just the Achieva way. Because the Paw Park is an ongoing project for us, we are always looking for ways to improve it for the dogs and their owners. While the park has lots of...
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