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Your Guide to This Year’s More Limited Tax-Free Weekend

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Everyone’s favorite back-to-school holiday is upon us – tax-free weekend, that is. Most people are familiar with this exciting time right before school starts when you can shop till you drop and don’t have to give Uncle Sam his cut. Tax-free weekend is a fantastic way to save on supplies for your child or yourself and prepare for the upcoming school year. But before you hit the stores in a frenzy this Saturday, take a few minutes to get familiar with what is and isn’t exempt, as there are many changes and more restrictions on what qualifies this year. The...
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Five Tactics to Avoid Unnecessary Student Loan Debt

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Americans owe nearly $1.3 trillion in student loan debt, with the average class of 2016 student graduating with an indebtedness of $37,172.  What once was a minor inconvenience to graduates has grown into one of the greatest financial epidemics of our time. While it’s hard to dispute the value of having a college education, it’s difficult to defend the insane dollar amount associated with earning a degree. If you are currently enrolled in, or are planning to attend college, take a moment to step back and look at your current situation. What you do, how you act, and what you...
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Using Home Equity Loans the Right Way

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It’s no secret that the values of the homes we all live in have improved over the past few years. While the Great Recession presented several financial challenges, decreasing values of our biggest asset created the most anxiety and uncertainty. As home values rise, the best advice I can give our members is to be very diligent in how you decide to leverage the value of your home. Please remember that history tends to repeat itself and if market values shift unexpectedly, borrowers may become upside down on the amount they owe and the value of their home. Keep in...
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