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Introducing MemberPass – the simple way to verify your identity

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Achieva Credit Union strives to provide our members with secure and convenient banking solutions. We are pleased to introduce the latest technology to enhance the identity authentication and verification process, protect your personal information and reduce the risk of fraud. Introducing MemberPass™: a simple and secure replacement for identity verification questions, like your birthday and social security number, saving you time and stress when you contact our call center. This service is established through a mobile app called “MemberPass”. Once connected to the app, you’ll receive the MemberPass credential from an Achieva Member Service Advisor over the phone, allowing you...
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Six Hidden Gems of Cape Coral

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You don’t have to wonder far to have fun. Throw on your fanny pack and play tourist for the day in your hometown. As an example, we’ll use the beautiful Cape Coral as our playground. Step 1: Sit down and make a list of fun activities you’d like to check out. Some ideas are below! Step 2: Map out each activity to determine the best time and route to take the night before your adventure. Step 3: Fuel up the vehicle! No one wants to ruin a fun day running on empty. Now you’re ready to explore the unknown. In...
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Going Green At Home In 4 Easy Steps

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Green is the new black! Well, at least in the sense of becoming more environmentally friendly. It may not be the most popular color on the runway—black still holds the most fashionable title—but green IS trending when it comes to lifestyle choices. Most people, when polled, agree that we need to be more aware of our impact on Earth. We all know the classic 3 R’s of going green at home: Recycle, Reduce, Reuse. It was a fun chant back elementary school! There’s even a new “R” now: Rethink. The problem lies in the action. It’s overwhelming to face a...
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good credit

Help Your Teen Establish Good Credit

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If you think showing your teenager how to balance a checkbook is hard…try explaining how to maintain good credit! Ah, the joys of adulting. Many adults don’t quite understand the intricacies of the credit system. So, the idea of breaking it down where a teenager can grasp the intricacies is laughable. Yet, it must be done! Otherwise, your impressionable teen may fall into a very expensive trap when they turn 18. As of 2018, the average American carries around $90,000 in debt (1). Of that debt, the average credit card debt is around $6,849 (2). Yikes! That’s not even taken...
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have fun

Fun For Free (Or Close To It)

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You don’t have to spend a fortune to have fun. In fact, some of the most memorable moments are free! Finding time to have fun, and spending time with our loved ones, is important for so many reasons. Improved health, increased productivity, and overall life satisfaction. Yet, we tend not to prioritize it. Sometimes, the reason is a tight budget. Let’s nip that excuse in the bud now. Here are some great ways to have fun for free, or close to it! Here are just a few fun ideas on a tight budget: A water gun fight in your own...
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extra cash

Five Creative Ideas to Make Some Extra Cash

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How would you like a little extra cash? If you’re shaking your head yes, then you should keep reading! Most people would enjoy making a little spending money on the side. Throw in a stressful, challenging crisis, and the idea becomes almost a necessity. Good news! There are TONS of great ways to pad your budget. Even better, it doesn’t involve digging through your couch cushions—not that we’re saying that’s a bad idea. Here are a few ideas you can try: 1. Become an affiliate marketer. It’s NOT as hard as it sounds. When you find a cool product, you...
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The Top Ten Most Affordable Home Improvement Projects

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So, you’re feeling inspired by Chip and Joanna, huh? Nice! Home improvement can be fun…or a total nightmare…depending on how you approach it. We’ve all been enchanted by the adorable duo and their magical way of making home improvement look easy—and even entertaining! The side we don’t see as much is the stress, budgeting, and failures. The great news is it CAN be a wonderful, rewarding process. As long as you have a plan, a realistic budget, and the right team backing you up. Your team includes trusted contractors, your bank if a loan is required, and a trusted realtor...
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Dorm Room Hacks That'll Improve Your Study Skills

Improve Study Skills Within Your Dorm

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The first semester is up and running. The academic year moves full speed ahead, yet preparing for tests remains a challenge. Can you improve study skills by changing your dorm room? The next time you review classroom material, give these hacks a try. They are simple and fit right into the typical college budget. 1. Use the right lighting to improve study skills. Using natural light is great way to improve your study skills, so start with a room that is well lit. Open up the blinds and position your desk next to the window. Keep things bright but remember...
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Hooray for Father’s Day!

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The celebration of Father’s Day has become such an intrinsic part of American culture that it’s difficult to believe that it didn’t always exist. Someone, somewhere, decided it would be a good idea to honor the nation’s fathers and set about campaigning for a legal holiday. This year, as we pay homage on June 16th, consider Father’s Day as the holiday that almost didn’t happen. There are conflicting reports about the origin of Father’s Day. In 1908, at the suggestion of Grace Golden Clayton, a West Virginia church held a commemorative service to honor 362 men, mostly fathers, who had...
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Three Cheers for Teachers and Nurses!

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Let’s give a round of applause to the nurturing spirits among us – specifically TEACHERS and NURSES. This week, May 6-12, we celebrate each of these professions, as it is both Teacher Appreciation Week and Nurse Appreciation Week. How appropriate that we should honor together the legions of caring, detail oriented, hard-working folks that fill these positions. Their influence impacts every level of society, from the youngest infant to the most senior of citizens, crossing all economic and cultural boundaries, without regard to religion, creed, or color. They are dedicated to our education and health, and it’s difficult to imagine...
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