Improve Study Skills Within Your Dorm

Dorm Room Hacks That'll Improve Your Study Skills

The first semester is up and running. The academic year moves full speed ahead, yet preparing for tests remains a challenge. Can you improve study skills by changing your dorm room?

The next time you review classroom material, give these hacks a try. They are simple and fit right into the typical college budget.

1. Use the right lighting to improve study skills.

Using natural light is great way to improve your study skills, so start with a room that is well lit. Open up the blinds and position your desk next to the window. Keep things bright but remember to stay out of the sun’s direct rays.

If you must study during the night, you can use a small desk lamp. Opt for a shadeless version to avoid eye strain. Additionally, most people prefer white (over yellow) light to help with concentration.

2. Timing is important, too.

By the end of the day, your mind is on overload. While the cliché advocates for all-night cramming sessions, it does little for your test results. Instead of spending hours studying throughout the night, it’s better to do so in the morning.

Furthermore, stay productive by using a timer. Keep your study sessions under 90 minutes. After that, it’s time to leave and take a break.

3. Declutter, declutter, declutter.

Your dorm is your oasis. To effectively study, make sure your space is uncluttered. Use decorative bins for larger items and arrange them neatly on a stacking shelf.

Along with your bins, store pens and papers inside of a desk organizer. The look will be sleek, modern, and perfect for focusing on school work.

4. Create a weekly study plan.

Rather than rereading text over and over, it’s better to have a plan. Once a week, take a few minutes to list the topics you need to study. Adding a large chalkboard to your dorm room will aid in this process. You can illustrate a study road map and easily glance at it from time to time.

5. Keep your dorm room stocked.

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6. Stay motivated.

A reward system will keep you motivated. Prepare a spot in your dorm room for trophies and certificates. As you achieve different levels of academic success, display these items to stay motivated.

7. Try dorm room yoga.

Did you know that just 20 minutes of yoga could help your brain function better?

According to Neha Gothe, a professor of kinesiology, “Meditation and breathing exercises are known to reduce anxiety, which in turn can improve scores on some cognitive tests.” If you need to give your mind a rest, give this a try.

Simple dorm room additions are all that you need to prepare for tests and improve study skills. Click here to learn how to maximize your college living space even further.

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