7 Dorm Room Goals for Your New Space

7 Dorm Room Goals for Your New Space

Currently, many college students are preparing to move away from home and settle into a new space. The transition to a dorm environment can be intimidating. And, if you’re reading this article, you’re most likely interested in how to make the best of it. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We’ll show you 7 dorm room goals that you can achieve during your very first semester.

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1. Color theme envy

To begin, the first step to accomplishing your dorm room goals is to choose the colors. Most college dorms start with plain white walls so use this to your advantage. Pick one or two main theme colors and go from there. You can even search Instagram for combination ideas.

2. Accessories that pop

After you pick your colors, the next step is to select accessories that match. Most students like a collage of frames and wall decor. Additionally, you can add a few inspirational pieces on your shelves. Some accessory ideas include:

– Custom stationary
– Accent lights
– College store swag
– Posters

3. An everyday positive mantra

Your dorm room goals are not complete without a motivational mantra. Select your favorite word or phrase and hang it on your wall. Every day when you wake up, you can view it and feel pumped to do your best.

4. Pillows galore

Let’s face it. College is tough and the schedules are hectic. When it’s time to rest, you need to be able to get comfortable right away. Having a large collection of pillows and blankets is one of the door room goals everybody wants. Whether you prefer fluffy pillows or more support, possessing the right assortment is key.

5. Food storage

If your college dorm allows, a mini fridge is a great investment. Not only can you store all of the water and energy drinks you need, you can also keep things like fruits and yogurts. It’s so much easier than walking to the cafeteria.

6. Functional desk space

Make your desk productive by keeping it neat and tidy. Allow room for books, papers, and your computer. Most students opt for a desk that provides internal storage, as well as wide legs for stability. Check out a few style variations before you purchase.  Then you’ll know which is the right desk for you.

7. Positive home vibes

Just because you moved away to college doesn’t mean your space has to be cold and boring. Bring some influence from your home into the mix. The difference between a plain and an upgraded dorm room is the number of positive home vibes it has. Hence, it’s ideal to make your space an area of hospitality and well-being.

Dorm room goals just got easier

Now that you know how to achieve these 7 dorm room goals, it’s time to get started. Maximize your living space while away at college. Look put together, stylish, and organized by using the simple tips above.

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