Three Cheers for Teachers and Nurses!

Let’s give a round of applause to the nurturing spirits among us – specifically TEACHERS and NURSES.

This week, May 6-12, we celebrate each of these professions,
as it is both Teacher Appreciation Week and Nurse Appreciation Week. How
appropriate that we should honor together the legions of caring, detail
oriented, hard-working folks that fill these positions. Their influence impacts
every level of society, from the youngest infant to the most senior of
citizens, crossing all economic and cultural boundaries, without regard to
religion, creed, or color. They are dedicated to our education and health, and
it’s difficult to imagine modern life without their support.


Did you know that Achieva was originally founded as a credit
union for teachers? That’s right – back in 1937 a group of teachers banded
together to form a financial institution specifically for their profession.
With just $99.25, they established the organization that would become the
Pinellas County Teachers Credit Union, which eventually evolved into the full
service Achieva Credit Union that we know today.

We continue to honor our commitment to education in many ways. With the establishment of the Achieva Foundation, the credit union is able to be generous with both schools and students. To date the Foundation has raised more than $405,000 to benefit local schools. We offer free school supplies to teachers, along with classroom grants. We even have special accounts for teachers that allow them to receive classroom supplies every six months! For students, the Foundation has established two annual scholarship opportunities open to all Achieva members in good standing who have been accepted or who are currently enrolled in a college or trade school. You can learn more about our benefits for educators and students at or


Nurses are the soul of the health care profession, providing compassionate care for their patients. Their consistent attitude of encouragement, kindness and support makes the world a better place. At Achieva we recognize the value of their service and have developed special programs to give a little something back to them. Our Hometown Heroes Mortgage program rewards nurses (and teachers, police officers, and other community partners) with a special home purchase program just for them. We also offer special accounts for community professionals that reward nurses with FREE scrubs every six months! It’s our way of saying THANK YOU to those who look out for everyone’s well-being. Learn more at or

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