Valuable Summer Finance Internship Advice

Tips to Landing a Dream-Worthy Summer Finance Internship

Within the next few months, several high school graduates will start their journey towards building a professional career. To supplement their portfolios, many will look for advanced training such as a professional internship. Landing on-the-job instruction within a good company can do wonders for an undergraduate’s employment-related success. Here’s our most valuable finance internship advice.

How to get accepted into a summer finance internship

While the title may seem like a mouth-full, the steps to landing the perfect summer finance internship are actually easy. Let’s review them together.

1. Learn about the desired company

The best way to get your foot in the door of a substantial company is to first learn about them. Understand their mission, goals, and business culture. While starting with their website is good, take the extra step to also review the company’s social media. You can learn a lot about their lingo and branding that way.

2. Fine-tune your resume

Next, tweak your resume to accentuate the things your ideal company wants. Make sure to highlight your strengths to show how you can benefit the business. Additionally, don’t forget to double-check that all addresses and phone numbers are correct.

3. Submit your application properly

Take the time to learn the company’s hiring and interning process. Afterward, follow the instructions they provide to submit your application.

4. Have confidence during the interview

Our final piece of finance internship advice, ties back to learning more about your dream company. Be prepared to show your professional qualities and how they relate to the internship position. Use confidence to explain how your skills match what the company needs and wants.

Financial Services Internships for high school students and recent graduates

The time is now to start looking for your summer finance internship. Many employers, such as us at Achieva Credit Union, have recent postings on Linkedin, as well as their own websites.

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