Is Your Roof Damage Covered by Insurance?

Is Your Complete Roof Repair Covered by Insurance?

Storms and tornadoes can wreak havoc on a property. After an occurrence of bad weather, some homeowners will need to begin repairs. Having your roof damage covered by insurance is a relief, but there are times when coverage will not apply. Here’s how to determine the difference.

Should I call my insurance for a roof leak?

Before calling your insurance about roof damage, there are a few steps to do in regards to your devastated property. In any instance, you should complete these steps in a timely manner to avoid complications.

1. Secure the area.
2. Take detailed pictures
3. Review your policy.
4. Call your insurance company.

Roof repair basics and securing

First, make sure you secure the area to the best of your ability. Always wait until the bad weather has passed before you begin. As part of the securing process, look for ways to prevent further damage to other parts of your home. In many circumstances, this means adding a roof tarp, or temporary covering.

Documenting property damaged

Pictures are an important part of the documenting process. Make sure to take both wide angles and close-up shots. Be sure not to remove any debris during this time. Should you proceed with a claim, the insurance adjuster will need to see the total amount of damage.

Does homeowner’s insurance cover roof replacement?

Next, it’s time to review your policy. Standard home insurance policies do not usually offer flood coverage; thus, homeowners must purchase it separately. Sometimes, the case is the same in regards to wind and storm coverage. Review your policy carefully regarding coverage over common home emergencies.

Filing a property damage claim with your insurance

Finally, call your insurance company. Before filing your claim, make sure to ask specific questions about coverage, deductibles, and reporting deadlines. The more information you can gather at this time, the better. It will allow you to decide if fixing your roof through your insurance company is worth it.

Determining if your roof damage is covered by insurance may seem daunting at first. Approaching things strategically will help. If a bad storm caused damage to your roof, utilizing the steps above will aide with the repairs.

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