Stay Hydrated During the Hot Summer Months

Stay Hydrated During the Hot Summer Months

We all know the heat index can take anyone out of their comfort zone. Literally, as soon as you step outside, your body begins to sweat. Loss of water not only makes it more difficult to function but causes major problems internally as well. That’s why it’s so important to stay hydrated during the hot summer months.

Tips to stay hydrated

There are several tips to stay hydrated and we’re going to cover the top 4. The most essential part is to make it a natural piece of your routine so that drinking more water doesn’t feel like a chore. Read the tips below to see what works best for you.

1. Carry a reusable water bottle

There’s no need to overspend on single-use bottles of water. Besides, it’s wasteful. In order to easily stay hydrated, carry a reusable water bottle that you’ll love. Amongst the favorites are water bottles that are slender enough to fit into cup holders, yet ergonomically designed for your hands. In addition, select a reusable water bottle that washes easily and is made of non-toxic materials. Find out the best types of reusable water bottles here.

2. Drink between meals

Oftenly, people only consume their beverages with meals. If you get in the habit of drinking between meals, you’ll be able to consume more. Try drinking at least 16 oz. before breakfast, 16 oz. between breakfast and lunch, and another 16 oz. before dinner. Combine that with a full glass of water while dining and your body will have adequate hydration throughout the day.

3. Skip diuretics

To some, coffee and soda are considered diuretics, which means they remove water from the body. This can lead to dehydration if water is not replenished. If drinking water throughout the day is difficult, let’s say because you need more flavor, try making your own diuretic free beverage. Read this post here on how to make a DYI electrolyte sports drink.

4. Make it a family thing

Getting the entire family involved will make it easier to remember to drink more water. We all get the urge to sip if we see another person doing it first. Make it a goal for everyone to drink their daily dose.

Drinking plenty of water is so beneficial to your health, especially during these hot, humid months. When playing sports outside, or just going on a simple road trip, stay focused and stay hydrated.

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