Doing Business in a Store Without Cashiers?

Doing Business in a Store Without Cashiers?

It’s a growing trend all over the news. In an increasing effort to be more efficient, kiosks are replacing clerks. What is it like doing business in a store without cashiers? And why does this matter? For some, they enjoy the get-and-go factor. Furthermore, self-checkout kiosks seem like an easy solution to long lines. However, for others, they feel burdened by the lack of human assistance.  Let’s take a closer look at the kiosk movement to discover if it’s everything it’s meant to be.

Forbes paints the picture

Over and over, Forbes reports about businesses that are switching away from cashiers. “As minimum wage levels approach or surpass $15 nationwide, restaurant customers expecting to be greeted by a smiling face will instead be welcomed by a glowing LED screen.” It’s imaginable that a for-profit business needs to make the necessary changes in order to survive. Technology is an innovation that can be helpful, but it’s causing these businesses to forfeit human personalization.

Achieva is a member-owned credit union

Unlike a bank, we are not-for-profit. Additionally,  we are owned and operated by the members we serve. That means that we’re accountable to you, not outside shareholders. That affords us some benefits that for-profit businesses do not have. The thought of a store without cashiers or a credit union without tellers is something that Achieva may never have to experience.

Help for the store without cashiers

An interesting experiment explores what happens when someone tries to shoplift from a store without cashiers. With the help of artificial intelligence, the specialized software detects which items a person picks up. Then, it keeps track to ensure payment.

But one can only wonder about the people that are new to the process. What’s the protocol if someone needs assistance? How would help arrive if the store employs zero staff? These are tough questions for businesses leaning toward kiosks and self-checkout.

There’s an app for that

In exchange for a store without cashiers, we’re offering independence to members by using our mobile app. Through Balance Peek, you can easily view your account’s current status. There’s also online banking with perks such as advanced transaction search, savings tools, and customizable themes. Many of the same services found within our branches are available to you online, 24 hours a day. Hence, it’s the perfect convenience for any lifestyle.

People really do make the difference

Polite service goes a long way. Moreover, personalization of each transaction grants a higher customer satisfaction. That’s why we’re proud to brag about our talented staff and how they make the entire Achieva experience so GOOD for our members. It’s these qualities that make us step far away from the kiosk trend. In a world that is turning towards artificial intelligence and machines, people really do make the difference.


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