Virtual Team-Building to Brighten Everyone’s Day

Virtual Team-Building to Brighten Everyone's Day

Logging into the computer instead of traveling to work will eventually get boring. Social distancing brings about new changes to our daily routine, especially in regards to our social durability. How about brightening everyone’s day with a few virtual team-building activities?

Remote team-building activities that boost collaboration and trust

Studies show that group activities, whether in person or virtual, promote trust and collaboration. Everyone must work together; and, virtual team-building activities add an extra layer of fun. Your teammates will practice their communication skills while also presenting their uniqueness through problem-solving.

The best team-building activities for telecommuters

Remote employees often deal with issues regarding loneliness, fear of being overlooked, and trouble prioritizing tasks. To alleviate the stresses of working alone at home, many managers try to incorporate weekly team-building activities. It allows all members to be interactive and engaged. Let’s look at some popular exercises:

1. Friday’s photo of your life

Coworkers are to present a photo of their work-at-home week. Since this activity includes peers, photos should be politically correct under the workplace policy. Declare a theme at the beginning of the game to make it fun. For example, everyone can submit a photo of how their pets helped them work from home. 

2. Aliens have landed

To play this game, everyone should sign into a video conferencing interface. Tell the group that aliens have landed on Earth and are interested in learning about the company. The aliens don’t speak human, so everyone will have to explain with gestures. Consider this competition as a grand form of charades. It should be a laugh for everyone.

3. Company mood board

Pick a theme for the week and have everyone submit one image to make a collaborative company mood board. The manager of the group will receive the submissions. At the end of the week, everyone will review the collage of images and what they see. Then, they will discuss how it motivates them to reach the theme’s goal. Topics can include cooperation, going the extra mile, or overcoming adversity.

Up the ante with weekly rewards

Rewards go a long way. As part of the exercises, create a simple reward system. The choices can be funny, like the employee’s ability to change their icon during a video conference, or being able to present a humorous joke at the end of the week.

Which virtual team-building challenges will you choose?

Virtual team-building will help us get through our transition of working from home. Not only will it boost morale, but it will keep coworkers interactive with each other. As we continue with remote work and at-home productivity, remember there are several GOOD ways to brighten the day.

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