Wildlife Webcams – A View into a Mysterious World

Albert Einstein once said, “look deep into nature, then you will understand everything better”. With today’s technology, you can quite literally observe every different type of wildlife anywhere around the world. With the use of wildlife cams, commissioned by conservationists and wildlife enthusiasts, it is possible to watch everything happen, from a nest of bald eagle eggs hatching, to a colony of sea lions basking in the sun on the shores of a San Francisco beach.

Some of the best wildlife cams happen to be on America’s public parks.  High atop the branches of the tulip poplar trees within the National Arboretum in Washington DC, a mated pair of bald eagles, Mr. President and First Lady, make their home. In February of 2015, more than 63 million viewers watched as First Lady laid her first two eggs and raised hatchlings that left the nest that spring.  Through a webcam installed by the American Eagle Foundation, you can watch the two prepare their nest in anticipation of the next clutch of eggs.

If it’s ground-dwelling animals you want to see, the International Wolf Center in Ely, Minnesota is perfect. The International Wolf Center was established in 1988 in Ely, Minnesota, in order to observe and monitor wolves in their natural habitat. These efforts to conserve and educate were bolstered by the installation of high definition security cameras for both scientists, and people at home, to observe the wolves in their native environment. The wolves are notoriously shy, but with some patience and a keen eye, you can spot some of the five Ambassador Wolves that call the International Wolf Center home; Aiden, Denali, Boltz, or pups Alex and Grayson.

From the tops of the trees through the forest and now to the sea, the Monterey Bay Aquarium in Monterey, California has a multitude of webcams featuring a wide variety of both land and underwater dwelling wildlife. You can be transfixed by the grace of schools of the pacific sea nettle jellyfish as the flow by, watch the bustling of schools of brightly colored fish in the coral reef cam, or enjoy the antics of playful sea otters on the otter cam.

We are fascinated with wildlife, and being able to observe these creatures undisturbed in their natural habitat is relatively new. And sometimes, these wildlife stories come from unexpected places. In 2014, a family of Ospreys built its next on top of Achieva’s monument sign. After a powerful storm rolled through and destroyed the nest, Achieva staff sought the expertise of the Audubon Society’s local chapter, who recommended that the osprey nest be relocated to a safer spot. So, when the Audubon society came to relocate the nest, they moved it on top of a 50 foot pole that was installed specially for the nest and it’s Osprey occupants. This adopted Osprey family returns, year after year, to the same nest perched upon the pole, and people from all around the country watch the birds go about their daily business on the Achieva OspreyCam Facebook page and YouTube live feed.

Whether you’re wolf watching, spying some seals, or patiently waiting for a nest of bald eagle eggs to hatch, wildlife webcams offer the opportunity to get a rare, close-up glimpse of a world we are usually unable to view at close range.

And if it’s Ospreys you love, head to Facebook and follow the Achieva Osprey Cam today.

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