Zoom Interview Tips to Help Land Your Next Job

Zoom Interview Tips to Help Land Your Next Job

Since the beginning of the pandemic, many companies have made Zoom interviews the new norm. Video conferencing was a way to talk without being in person, getting all the warmth of a smile and more context than a phone call. Even after COVID-19 restrictions shifted, the trend continued to grow. 

Think about it. There are so many benefits to Zoom interviews. Employers do not have to worry about escorting potential employees through the office. Furthermore, interviewees get to avoid the commute. It all makes sense for everyone involved.

With all being said and done, the rise of video conferencing also includes increased demand for proper Zoom etiquette. There are best practices for video clarity, organization, and connectivity while using the platform. To help you adapt to the times, check out the helpful tips below.

Familiarize yourself with the video conference venue

It should go without saying, but don’t be late for your virtual meeting because you can’t figure out the software. Many programs are available for video conferencing, and each company uses a different one. Zoom happens to be the most popular. Download it to your desktop and try it out.

Once you have the program, take 15 minutes to assess your hardware. Go to your settings, and conduct a mic and video quality test call. Make sure to give yourself enough time before the interview to work out any issues.

Make sure you have a good internet connection

Your internet connection is the lifeblood of a video-based interview. A sudden outage can potentially throw your chances of being hired. If your home internet is not functioning, an alternative would be to use your phone’s wireless hotspot. Practice using both types of connections before the big day.

Dress for the part you want

A t-shirt and baseball cap are not the proper attire for an initial Zoom interview. Even though you’re at home, you should present yourself in a way that would be acceptable at the prospective company’s workplace. Aim to match the company dress code, whether it be business casual, semi-formal, or formal. If you don’t know beforehand, don’t be afraid to ask your interviewer.

Prepare the aesthetics

It is important to note that your clothes are not the only visual items under assessment. Your video background and audio are also crucial parts of a Zoom interview. Always try to use a set of headphones or a dedicated microphone, and as stated before, test your equipment often to ensure it works properly. Likewise, if you do not have a suitable background (think clutter), use the blur function of your conferencing software. Just make sure not to choose the alternate background settings that could be distracting.

Ace your Zoom interview

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