Don’t Empty Your Wallet, How to Avoid Overspending

Don't empty your wallet, avoid overspending

Shopping can be a fun pastime for many. There’s nothing like the satisfaction of finding the perfect item. Let’s face it, we all like to share our merriment around the holidays. However, regardless of the time of year, is there a way to avoid overspending?

Can we make more thoughtful purchases on all the things we love?

The answer is yes. There are proven methods to avoid overspending. If you ever stated, “I can’t stop spending money,” then you should read the full details below.

The problem isn’t making purchases; the problem is making the WRONG purchases

When it comes to shopping smartly, first, one should examine their budget. Overspending is defined as spending beyond one’s means. In simple terms, your income should be more than your expenses. 

Behaviors such as impulse buying, online binge shopping, and things of that nature can instantly drain account funds. The GOOD news is, there’s are many ways to prevent it. By learning how to be selective and timely with purchases, consumers can feel less pinch on their accounts.

1. Plan your purchases

Every time you pull out your checkbook or your card, it should be part of a plan. Is this item for essential needs, entertainment, medical, or an emergency? By making this purchase, can you still maintain your obligations?

2. Get discounts or cash back whenever possible

Internet searches are a powerful tool. Before making a high-dollar transaction, take a quick look for rebates. You’ll be surprised how many promo codes float around sites like RetailMeNot, and similar hosts.

Want to know another powerful tool? Cash back incentives. For instance, the Achieva Cash Rewards Mastercard provides up to 1.5% cash back on purchases. That’s easy money going back to the account each month! 

3. Buy items that have multiple uses

Do you love wearing seasonal clothing? Consider switching to shirts and sweaters that are the season’s color, but without a tree or turkey. Instead of a top with a Santa icon, try a shirt with a universal red and black design. The switch will allow you to extend the item’s use, all in all, saving money. 

4. Identify your spending triggers

Do you shop when you’re bored? How about scrolling through promotional emails during your lunch break? Take a few moments to identify the times when you purchase most. 

Avoid overspending and review your accounts often

Having direct access to purchasing information can help you avoid overspending. Not only should your credit cards come with online support, but you’ll need access on your mobile phone too. When you transfer your high-interest balances to a card like the Achieva Cash Rewards Mastercard, you’ll have full online banking and mobile capabilities

Take charge of your wallet by using the tips above. Be sure to continue following The Achieva Life Blog for additional financial suggestions. 

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