Do You Qualify For A Business Credit Card?

How to Apply for a Business Credit Card

When used correctly, a business credit card can improve an entity’s financial profile. These cards help business owners manage their expenses and also provide exclusive perks. If you’re using a personal card to conduct business transactions, you’ll want to read below. Don’t miss our exclusive offer for entrepreneurs that want to do more GOOD with their accounts.

Personal and business credit card differences

There are several differences between personal and business cards. The first distinction regards the way information reports to the credit bureaus. With a personal credit card, your activity publishes monthly to Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion. With a business credit card, some issuers only report activity in the event of a default. 

Additionally, business cards provide more spending power than personal cards. That’s because limits stand on business revenue, which is typically higher than a personal budget. In any event, it’s best to review the full terms of a credit card before signing up.

Special offer from Achieva Credit Union

The Achieva Business Mastercard® Credit Card is an essential tool for every type of business owner. You’ll enjoy:

– No annual fee
– Free additional cards for your employees
– Online banking and online bill pay
– Exclusive discounts, such as cashback when you dine at select restaurants and rebates on business travel.

You’ll get 3.9% Promo APR* on balance transfers until July 2022. After that, your qualified APR of 10.90%-15.90% will apply. To learn about our business credit cards or to apply, call 727.431.7650 or visit a branch today.

What to know before applying

Before applying, make sure to have thorough records of your business’s account history and balances. Secondly, determine how much credit you’ll need by analyzing your monthly cash flow. Next, gather documents showing your annual income (from both personal revenue and your business). Lastly, apply using your SSN or an EIN.


*APR= Annual Percentage Rate. The promotional balance transfer APR of 3.9% will be applied to balance transfers which post to your account through your March 2022 billing cycle. Following the July 2022 billing cycle, your standard APR of 10.9% to 15.9% for balance transfers, purchases and cash advances will apply based on your creditworthiness. Achieva reserves the right to cancel, extend or otherwise modify promotional rates and terms at any time before a balance transfers posts. Offer open to existing and new cardholders subject to credit approval. Additional limitations, terms and conditions may apply.
APRs are correct as of June 2021 and subject to change. Your qualified APR will be disclosed to you prior to, or at, account opening. For our current rates, visit, call 727.431.7680 or 800.593.2274, or visit your local Achieva branch.
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