Business Small Talk- Time for the Company Party

No man, or woman, is an island. We all have to unite in some form, or fashion, to make humanity revolve. It’s simply that conversations, with those other than your closet friends or family, feel so awkward. Additionally, what if the stakes were raised because the people you have to mingle with are your bosses and their colleagues? Yes, people, this is the real deal. I’m talking about the company party. Below, we will show you how to master business small talk right before the office festivities.

Start by appreciating its value.

Business small talk is important. “It isn’t just about being gregarious or entertaining- it’s a gesture of respect,” states Brett Nelson, a contributor to Forbes Magazine. You want to show your fellow co-workers, and especially your boss, where the connections lie in terms of work. You have to interact with people in order to do so. Start appreciating the value of business small talk because it’s the jumping point of networking.

Then, learn about the fantastic F.O.R.E.

No, not golf. No, not a misspell of the word four, either. The acronym F.O.R.E. stands for things that every single individual can talk about.

Family-  Big or small family?

Occupation- Daily challenges?

Recreation- Hobbies?

Education- What was your favorite subject?

Strike up a conversation using the F.O.R.E. method, and you are bound to have a great talk with anybody.

Make sure to actively listen.

Sometimes, we get such a buzz from just starting conversations with people, that our minds are not actively listening. Try your best not to calculate what you’re going to say next, and just focus on the speech at hand. Another thing you should do, is put your phone away and on vibrate. Those with their phones in their hands are not giving undivided attention. If you really want to make an impression on the crowd, you’ve got to give it your all.

Gauge their body language.

If the person starts looking away, or at their watch, it’s time to end things positively. Politely wrap up your story and tell them it was nice talking to them. Business small talk should avoid uncomfortable topics such as politics or religion. As well as anything that may be considered invasive. You can usually gage by the other person’s body language to know if they are enjoying the conversation.

Check yours, also.

Do you have your hands folded? Are you leaning in too close? Make sure to present an open, non-threatening demeanor while talking to your colleagues. This will ensure that the correspondence can continue, and that the other person will not be incoherently cut off.

That wraps up business small talk.

Now, get ready to have fun at your company party. By keeping mind of the value of business small talk, learning F.O.R.E, and actively listening, you can leave that office party like a networking champ.

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