How Members Can Enhance Their Cybersecurity Awareness

How Members Can Enhance Their Cybersecurity Awareness

October marks the start of National Cybersecurity Awareness Month. Achieva Credit Union encourages members to enhance their knowledge of digital products and services, not only for their personal banking but also for every aspect of their lives.

Technology is growing. We have the ability to connect like never before. However, hackers know this too.

Stay proactive in protecting your accounts by using the cybersecurity tips below.

Use Multi-Factor Authentication whenever possible

To start, let’s talk about multi-factor authentication (MFA). Members can increase their cybersecurity savviness by paying attention to the way they log into their accounts. Using MFA makes it harder for hackers to steal information because an additional layer of verification is required before the system allows access to an account.

Don’t worry. The process is simple. You enter your username and password, then verify your identity by scanning your fingerprint or answering a text message. Most users complete MFA within seconds.

As a reminder, NEVER click links or respond to texts you did not prompt. If you didn’t attempt to log into your account, then someone else may be trying to gain access.

Create unique and strong passwords

Creating long and unique passwords is critical to protecting online information. Using a passphrase with 14 or more characters will provide the most security for your account. Additionally, make your passwords hard to guess by NEVER including the names of family members or your date of birth.

If your password has been compromised, change it immediately. At the same time, confirm that the contact information on your account is current, then enable multi-factor authentication. You’ll want to monitor your account activity for the next few days to ensure no unauthorized charges have been placed.

Block phishing attempts

Phishing is the most commonly reported cybercrime, with an estimated 3.4 billion fraudulent emails sent daily. Protect your accounts by learning to recognize these hacks and block all future correspondences from the fraudulent sender.

Here are some ways to spot a phishing email:

1. Does it contain an offer that’s too good to be true?
2. Does it include language that’s urgent, alarming, or threatening?
3. Is it poorly written with misspellings and bad grammar?
4. Does it include requests to send personal information?

NEVER click the links or reply to fraudulent emails or texts impersonating Achieva Credit Union. Additionally, members can report suspicious communications using our online form at

Update software safely

Regardless of the device, the best cybersecurity defense for members is to ensure their software is up to date. This includes all web browsers, apps, and operating systems. Enabling automatic updates is the easiest way to stay current, plus it has the benefit of setting and forgetting without further thought.

Furthermore, do not install updates from unsolicited texts, emails, or browser pop-ups. They can be fictitious and inadvertently install harmful malware. Instead, go directly to the source, such as Apple’s App Store or Google Play.

Keeping your data safe

Achieva Credit Union works diligently to detect, identify, and protect our members from financial crime. Your support in safeguarding your account plays an essential role in cybersecurity awareness.


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