6 Ways to Instantly Increase Productivity at Work

Tips to have an insanely productive workweek.

We’ve all been there, counting down the minutes and wishing it was the end of our workweek. All of us have watched the clock tick, slower and slower, at some point of the day. It feels like nothing is getting accomplished and that we are just wasting away the moments. From boredom, comes lack of motivation; however, we’ve got a way to turn that around. If you’d like to refresh with more pep in your step then hang tight. Here are 6 ways to increase productivity every week at work.

1: Clean up your work environment

First of all, nothing short changes productivity like clutter. To streamline your output at work, make sure to clean up your workspace. This means filing away papers that don’t belong, throwing away trash and candy wrappers at your desk, and everything else that’s keeping your work environment unclear. Make a visual sweep of your area and get it organized.

2: End the slump of monotony

One of the best ways to add more productivity to your workweek is to find new projects to accomplish. Rejuvenate your motivation by getting excited about work again. End the slump of monotony by first talking to your boss. Ask if you can switch out tasks temporarily so you can renew your vigor. If changing your set of workload projects is not an option, then try finding new ways to approach those duties. Perhaps, you’d benefit from answering emails in the morning rather than the afternoon. Or maybe you’d feel more motivated by signing documents after lunch, as opposed to when you first arrive. Do what you can that is within your company policy to liven things up and you’re bound to have a more productive week at work.

3: Stop keeping things in your head

Organizing tasks in your head may sound like you’ve got in under control; however, doing things that way could lead to forgotten items. Also, it’s hard to share to-dos when they are all in your head. To add gumption to your workday, try taking advantage of electronic organizers. For instance, the Calendly app is an easy scheduling assistant that customizes to your personal needs. Set it up to notify you of upcoming deadlines and important dates.

4: Batch work as much as possible

Logging into the computer takes time. Walking to the supply closet takes time. Every single task you do has steps for preparation, and they all take time. To increase productivity at work, you should batch as much as possible. This means grouping together similar tasks so that you don’t have to constantly spend time re-setting up. Try returning phone calls during one predetermined hour of the day instead of every time you get a voice message.

5: Quit multitasking

In the past, multitasking used to be the “it’ thing in companies. Now, we know that trying to do too much at one time is counterproductive. Distraction only leads to careless results and mistakes. To have a more productive week at work, you have to tackle your big tasks, one at a time. Stop letting other non-essential duties interfere. If there is something that needs to get done, it should be prioritized and handled with undivided attention.

6: Give yourself an incentive

Lastly, there’s no better way to motivate yourself than with an incentive. Come up with a Friday reward and you’ll be knocking through tasks all week. Make a short list of goals and every time you accomplish one, enjoy a small reward.

In conclusion, there are many things you can do to have increase productivty at work. The next time Monday rolls around, you’ll have something to look forward to. With tips like batching, listing, and rewarding, you’re off to complete all of your tasks in style.

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