Your Morning Routine Needs Improvement

How many of us do it? We lay in bed, after the alarm rings, and deliberate on pressing snooze, yet again. Something has got to give with the morning routine you currently have. Maybe it’s all the little things that add up. Or maybe, you’re using time to check your Instagram; when instead, you should be getting dressed. Never fear. We’ve got a solution to have you sipping on your latte with a smile, and never dread morning again.

First, a good morning starts with a good night.

Here, a little investment of time goes a long way. Every evening, you should pack your next day’s lunch and prepare your briefcase; rather than scramble in the morning. Also, as enjoyable as watching House of Cards is, make sure not to stay up too late. The television is a big offender to people who need to get some sleep.  Many lose track of time resulting in not enough hours of rest.

Second, consistency will keep you on track.

Going to bed at the same time every night is good. Waking up the first time the alarm buzzes, even better. Make it a ritual to go to sleep and wake up at the same time everyday. This includes the weekends. Consistency is great for your body’s internal clock. By regulating this, you are one step closer to improving your morning routine.

Next, get under some lights. 

Sunlight is the best way to reduce melatonin, (the stuff that makes you sleepy), and sunlight also makes you more alert. When you first wake up, open the blinds and let the light in. If you are scheduled to wake before the sun, see to it that you have bright lighting around the house.

Then, get under some water. 

Take a shower. Soap yourself up. Not only will you be more hygienic, but taking a shower in the morning combats fatigue; as well as, eases grogginess. When you leave the bath, your temperature fluctuates as it readjusts to the room. That increases circulation and blood flow; hence, awakens your body.

Leave the social media for you lunch hour.

Nothing holds up a morning routine more than social media. Did you know, two out of 10 people show up to work late because they were fiddling with their smart phones? If you really want to shave some time off your morning routine, avoiding Facebook and Twitter are the best ways to do that.

Last, to improve your morning routine, give yourself an incentive. 

For instance, set weekly rewards. They don’t have to be complicated; just simple things, like a double shot of espresso on Friday, if you go the whole week without running late. Having an incentive plan in place makes keeping a morning routine fun and less of an obligation.

So, that concludes it. We’re hoping you’ll give our tips a try and that your mornings turn for the better. Once you get in the habit of having a phenomenal morning routine, you’ll be able to conquer the rest of your day in stride.

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