New Car Negotiating Secrets That Are Really Useful

New Car Negotiating Secrets That Are Really Useful

The end of the year means huge sales for car dealerships. In attempts to make room for future models, a lot of places offer special pricing. Did you know that there are more ways to save money when purchasing a vehicle? Learn our top tips for new car negotiating by reading more below.

Research first

Our first new car negotiation secret is to research. Before you go to any car dealership, you should look at your options online. A good place to start is Consumer Reports and Kelly Bluebook. Both sources provide expert advice and ratings on today’s vehicles. Going to buy a car with information in hand will help you obtain a fair price.

Don’t argue

When discussing the price of a new car, it is best to avoid any arguments. The dealership’s goal is to make money. Getting angry about it will only make the experience more difficult than it has to be. Instead, stick to a calm and assertive voice. If there’s not a deal that meets your requirements, then simply walk away.

Get your loan in advance

Going into a dealership with a pre-approved loan is the icing on the new car negotiating cake. Car dealerships are more willing to bargain if they feel that you’re more qualified to sign.

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Tell them you’re a comparison shopper

Be upfront about your search for the best value. Advise them that you already have an offer and wanted to comparison shop. Additionally, ask specifically about extra features and warranty details. A dealer in need of your business will try to provide the most perks for your purchase.

Think about the big picture

Most car shoppers are content with a good monthly price. However, if you really want to take advantage of our new car negotiating secrets, you’ll think about the bigger picture.

Rather than focusing on the monthly out-of-pocket expense, look at the total purchase price. Sure a car can be $235 per month but is it for 5 years or 6? How much of that will go to interest?

Haggling for the best deal means to slash interest and amount of total payments.

Get ready to save money

The next time you decide to purchase a new vehicle, try our tips above. Having more knowledge about negotiating will put you at ease. Get ready to drive, your new car awaits!

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