How to Get Back To Work With Post Vacation Blues

How to Return to Work After a Long Vacation

Winter break has come and gone. Now, it’s time to return to work after a long vacation. Are you having trouble transitioning back into productivity mode? Are you suffering from “post vacation blues”?

Don’t worry. Going back to the office doesn’t have to be difficult. In our latest article, we’ll discuss simple ways to return back to work after a long vacation and how to regain your motivation.

Start with a strong morning routine

First and foremost, wake up the first time your alarm rings. It’s very hard on your body when you repeatedly press snooze. Waking up abruptly, over and over again, leads to grogginess and sleep inertia. And that will put a huge damper on your return to work mood.

If you still feel tired when it’s time to get up, try doing a few stretches. This will help you have a more energetic start.

Time yourself on tasks

The next way to return to work post vacation, is to time yourself on tasks. Let’s face it, after a holiday break, there’s a lot of catching up to do. It can feel like drowning if you’re not careful.

To alleviate the stress of going back to work, block tasks together and only do them for about 30 minutes at a time. That way, you’ll keep the wheels of production moving while you ease back into full work mode.

Collaborate with coworkers

Are there duties that you can swap with your coworkers? For instance, offer to complete your department’s copy-machine services in exchange for one coworker to file the paperwork. Working as a group can get the job done quicker and easier, especially when everyone is returning from vacation.

Get fresh air during lunch

Our last suggestion includes getting some fresh air during your lunch break. Stepping outside will change your environment and make you feel less confined to the office. It could be just the new perspective you need to make it through the rest of the workday and the ticket to warding off those post vacation blues.

Working after a long vacation

Adjusting back to work post vacation can take a little time. Remember to stay consistent and give yourself breaks when needed.

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