The Responsible Way To Buy A New Car

The Responsible Way to Apply for a New Car Loan

Buying a vehicle is an exciting thing, but is there something we can do to get the very best rate on a new car loan? Are there factors besides credit that we should know about?

The answer is yes.

If you’re in the market for a new car, here are 5 essential responsible car buying tips you should understand before signing.

1: Do not rush

Don’t let pushy salespeople rush you into making a quick, (and wrong), decision. You never want to take out a new car loan to finance a vehicle you’ll later end up hating. If you get the sense of being rushed while at the dealership, you have every right to ask them to slow down. This is especially true when negotiating the price. Stay calm, cool, and collected.

2: Never skip the test drive

Take your time and really examine all of the fine details of your potential new car. Is it comfortable when you sit in it? Can you see the area surrounding the car well enough to navigate it? In addition to feeling out all of the bells and whistles, it’s important never to skip the test drive before purchasing. You want to see how the car handles when it’s in motion, and how it performs under your control.

3: Research, Research, Research

Responsible car buying takes time and effort. Before you even think about stepping onto a car lot, it’s wise to do your research. What is the typical market value for the car you want? What kind of warranties are available? All of these things matter in the decision to purchase a new car.

4: Finance through a credit union

Typically, when you finance a new car loan through a credit union, you’ll get better rates. Most people obtain approval for their auto loans prior to actually signing off on their new cars. This is because having a pre-approved loan means you are serious about buying a vehicle. It will give you the upper hand on negotiations because the dealership will not want you to walk away. This tip is one of the easiest responsible car buying techniques because joining a credit union is the best choice for all future financial decisions.

5: Take only what you can afford

Of course, we all want our dream cars; but more so, we should want financial peace. Responsible car buying means being realistic, we must only buy a car that is within our budget. Consider your current income, the total amount you are willing to spend on a car, and how long you are willing to pay for it. According to Money Under 30, it’s recommended that you buy a car that is 10-35% of your annual income.

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