Help Stock Your Local Food Pantry

What Items Do Food Pantries Need Most?

No matter where in the country you are located, the local food pantry will need similar items. Food needs to be non-perishable, and it is a requirement across any shelter or food bank. While all donations will benefit a family in need, some contributions are easier to share than others.

For example, unpopular canned goods, like squid or sardines, take longer to distribute. Often, families do not know how to use such an exotic item. The items that food pantries need most are the simple, everyday staples.


Items such as canned tuna or canned chicken are very versatile. These selections are great because they do not require heat for consumption.

Other shelf-stable protein sources, such as SPAM and canned ham, are helpful. Most are mildly flavored and quick cooking. Furthermore, mixing either of these items to boxed mac-and-cheese is very tasty.

In consideration to plant-based sources, peanut or almond butter are the top contenders.


Boxed pasta, in all forms, is beneficial to food banks. Additionally, high-fiber cereals provide daily nutrients to families. While gathering your donations, consider rice, oatmeal, and quinoa as well.

Fruits and vegetables

In regards to canned fruits and vegetables, it’s hard to go wrong. Select low-sodium or low-sugar options when possible.


Shelf-stable soy milk and powdered milk contain calcium and other vitamins. These beverages last a long time before their expiration. Food banks are always in need of these types of items.

Going further in the beverage category, boxed juice drinks help food banks cater to families in need. Look for “100% real juice” labels while purchasing.

Baby food

Jarred baby food is often overlooked as a donation item. Yet, your local food pantry most likely has find high requests for them. When considering your food contributions, please keep these items in mind.

Providing the things that food panties need most

We are proud to support RCS Pinellas in their mission to feed the hungry. If you are not a Pinellas local, check out Feeding America to find your local food pantry. From now until July 22nd, 2019, drop off your non-perishable donations at any of these participating Achieva branches:

– Clearwater
– Dunedin
– Largo
– East Lake
– Palm Harbor
– Park Blvd.
– St. Pete
– 4th Street

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