How to Crush Your College Dorm Supply List Goals

How to Crush Your College Dorm Supply List Goals

Does your college dorm supply list look 100 miles long? What should you take to school anyways? If you’re preparing for another year of academia, then have no fear. We have the simple solutions that you need.

Creating a college dorm supply list

Not only are students moving into their dorms challenged with homesickness, but they also have to self-manage their resources. Who knew that creating a college dorm supply list would be this complicated? Additionally, even if a student knows what they need to have, they might not be able to pay for it.

Most students will need to pick and choose wisely.

Paying for college supplies

To pay for college supplies, consider financing. Back-to-school loans help many students during their home-to-dorm transitions.

Additionally, many students find it beneficial to increase their monthly income. Part-time jobs are convenient and allow students to pay for future college and dorm room supplies.

What should you not take to college?

Now, let’s discuss what shouldn’t go to college. Believe it or not, a coffee maker is at the top of the list. Unless you plan to haul water up to your room, stick to your dorm’s community kitchen.

Next, do not take a printer. Get a breath of fresh air and mingle in your school’s print lab instead.

Last, skip the standard desk alarm. Your cell phone should already have a wake-up feature.

List of dorm room must-haves:

– Desk lamp with an extra bulbs
– Clothes hangers for the closet
– Large laundry basket
– Small trash can
– Personal flashlight
– Shower flip-flops
– Towels
– Power strip for your desk
– Small fan
– Sheets and pillows
– Water-proof mattress covers
– Under-bed storage totes

Remember to start simple. You can always order additional items later.

Complete your college dorm checklist

Now that your college dorm supply list is complete, you can focus on making the most of school. Enjoy the journey and feel comfy in your new space.

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