How To Fight Homesickness In College

Inexpensive Ways to Make College Feel More Like Home

The Fall semester is here and it brings numerous challenges to new college students. For those living in a dorm for the first time, it can be hard to study because of homesickness. Many freshmen students are overwhelmed by the change in responsibility, as well as missing their parents and siblings. So, how do we fight homesickness in college without breaking the bank? We have 4 inexpensive tips below.

What is homesickness about?

Contrary to popular belief, “homesickness isn’t necessarily about home.” It’s more about our basic needs for love, protection, and security. While attempting to make college feel more like home, keep this in mind. One’s pursuit of luxuries to relieve homesickness in college could result in wasting funds unnecessarily. This post will focus on easier, and more effective, ways to manage dorm life.

1. Avoid isolation

In addition to decorating your dorm room, try to connect with those around you. Your college’s student center is a good place to start. Find out about events and volunteering opportunities. It will help you avoid isolation. Furthermore, having things on your agenda will keep you from spending all your free time alone in your room.

Inexpensive tip: Help someone in need. Ask your dorm roommate if they need any assistance unpacking.

2. Allow yourself to grow

As you adapt to your student lifestyle, remember to allow yourself to grow. Be open to learning new skills and making new friends. Have meaningful conversations with other students and find out how they are adjusting to the campus. Understanding a wider perspective while away could conquer homesickness in college.

Inexpensive tip: Attend free workshops. Want to learn how to create artwork or things of that nature? Go for it! Interested in financial literacy? Sign up!

3. Be mindful

Furthermore, a hectic student schedule sometimes blocks our ability to process. Every once and a while, we should take an intentional moment to breathe. Mindfulness is often forgotten once a case of homesickness sinks in. Push those initial sad feelings to the side and list out reasons to be joyful. Then, keep this list in case you need it again.

Inexpensive tip: Go for a walk. Put your phone away in your pocket and spend 20 minutes outside on a trail.

4. Embrace independence

There’s something to be said about the way your life is changing. To make college feel more like home, try to embrace these moments of independence. Your journey as an adult is just beginning. For many, it’s really exciting.

Inexpensive tip: Create a student budget. This will reinforce your confidence.

Make college feel more like home

Transitioning your living space doesn’t have to be expensive. Moreover, overcoming homesickness in college can be done with 4 easy steps. As freshmen everywhere adjust to being away from home, remember that the college experience is a time for GOOD.

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