Driving In The Rain; Tips for Improved Safety

Wet Weather Driving Tips for Improved Safety

Summer is full of rainy moments. All season long, tropical disturbances travel through the South Eastern Region at a very active rate. Still, while all of this is going on, many have to commute to work. Here are some wet weather driving tips for improved safety.

The 6 Most Helpful Tips For Driving In The Rain

Protecting yourself during a downpour includes both preventative and reactive tips. Continue reading to change the way you handle your rainy day commutes.

1. Do not rush

When we rush, we add anxiety. Stress changes our reaction time and our ability to make decisions. To maneuver safely during wet weather driving, it’s best to stop the rush.

Need an additional reason to slow down?


The faster you drive, the less water your tires disperse. As the water mixes with oil residue from the road, it creates slippery conditions. Keep from losing control by reducing your speed.

2. Inspect your tires

Before you head out to work, always inspect your tires. Properly inflated tires increase driving productivity and safety. Best of all, this tip helps you from costly car maintenance expenses.

3. Add more distance

Increasing the distance between cars creates a barrier. It provides more time for you, and your vehicle, to respond. Use this tip to avoid a collision while driving in the rain.

4. Turn on your lights

Adverse weather conditions lower our visibility. This is why many states require drivers to use their headlights when it rains. Turn on your lights at the same times you turn on your windshield wipers.

5. Help larger vehicles notice you

Larger vehicles have very limited view space. Often, cars weave around semi-trucks and become hard to track. Do these truckers a favor and pass from the left side. Additionally, stay out of the large vehicle’s blind spot.

6. Avoid driving through flooded areas

Your vehicle’s engine and brake system can be damaged when driven through standing water. Even spots with as little as 4 inches of water are deceiving. When driving in the rain, avoid flooded areas and turn around when possible.

Driving in the rain

Sometimes, driving in the rain is unavoidable. Use these wet weather driving tips to aid with your commute.

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