What’s the Average Christmas Tree Price?

What's the Average Christmas Tree Price?

Are you searching for the perfect Christmas tree to brighten your home this holiday season? If so, it’s important to know which factors affect the average Christmas tree price. By understanding these elements, you can make an informed decision and find a tree that fits your budget and preferences. 

And, in case you were wondering, the average live-variety Christmas tree price is between $80 and $100. If you prefer to purchase the artificial kind, you’re looking at a price range up to $400.

A tree can be a significant part of anyone’s holiday budget, which is why we are here to help you make the best selection for your price point. Continue reading the tips below to learn more.

Your location affects your Christmas tree’s price

The seller’s location is a primary price factor for Christmas trees in your area. Depending on where you live, the cost of a tree can vary greatly. Transportation expenses drive up costs, as well as local supply and demand. 

In rural areas, Christmas trees may be less expensive because they are grown locally. However, in urban areas, they are pricier due to the effort it takes to get the tree there. If your car is fuel-efficient, and you have a tree farm within driving range, consider picking up your tree from another area. 

The type of tree makes a difference

Another factor that can impact your Christmas tree’s price is the type of tree you buy. There are many different woods, including pine, spruce, and fir. Additionally, each has unique characteristics and price points. 

Pine trees tend to be the most cost-effective, while fir trees have higher demand because of their increased durability and, therefore, are more expensive. If you’re willing to be flexible on your selection, you can reduce your Christmas spending and save a large chunk of money.

Small imperfections lower the price

Trees with full, symmetrical branches and a good shape tend to be more expensive than their less attractive counterparts. Additionally, freshly cut trees cost more than those that have been sitting in a lot for weeks. When searching for the perfect Christmas tree, consider if you could still enjoy a tree with minor imperfections. In the name of all things ribbons and bows, many are willing to have a few off-scale branches to avoid paying full price.

Getting the best Christmas tree price

Regardless of the average Christmas tree price, a beautifully decorated display can create holiday cheer within any home. This winter season, take your time to find the right tree for you and your family. Using the tips above, consider the location, type, and quality of tree that most fits your tastes and spending allowance. 

Happy holidays!


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