7 Money Journal Prompts to Improve Finances

Money Journal Prompts to Last the Rest of the Year

People thrive where they place their passion. If it’s on the mind, dedication towards the subject will create awareness, thus improving the odds of being successful. Could writing money journal prompts increase the relationship between a person and their wallet? Experts around the globe say, “Yes.”

Commit to wealth tracking for just 90 days

Rachel Cruze, the author of multiple bestselling financial books, states that people should “Consider what [they] can do as an individual to move beyond complacency.” Actively creating money journal prompts may be the big push that someone needs to work towards getting ahead. It starts by having gratitude for what they have and placing obtainable goals upon their hearts. Keeping a regular log regarding money will ensure the mindset to build a better budget.

Why we should “discover the handful of ways” to improve our finances

Eugenie George, a financial wellness instructor, says that a money journal helped to improve her habits. “As soon as my pen hit the paper, I knew I was creating an intimate relationship with myself and my money.” She recommends that all people keep a journal to strengthen their relationship with wealth.

It’s never too late to start a money journal

There’s not much to creating a money journal. All that’s needed is a notebook and paper. It’s also never too late to place the first entry. Even in the middle of the year, people have to start somewhere.

 7 journaling prompts regarding wealth:

1: Think of someone you admire, how do they handle their finances?

2: What is your parent’s world view regarding richness, and how does it differ from yours?

3: Is abundance hard to obtain, if so, why?

4: What would you like to say when discussing money with others?

5: How would you tell your younger self to treat your bank accounts?

6: What would you do with a sudden influx of cash?

7: What steps can you do right now to improve your finances?

Use these money journal prompts as a tool

After using the seven money journal prompts above, people can begin to create their own. With enough practice, writing thoughts about money will come second nature. 

“I think, therefore I am.” – Descartes

The same is true about finances. I write, therefore I do. 

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