Simple Pet Safety Tips for the Spring Season

Simple Pet Safety Tips for the Spring Season

Our pets are an extension of our family. They add unconditional love to our households. So how do we return the favor? By doing our best to care for them. Using the pet safety tips below, you can keep them happy and healthy all season long. 

4 Spring tips for pet owners

Spring is the time for renewal. Mother Nature is coming into bloom. With that said, there are a few pet safety tips to keep in mind. Whether your pet is indoors or outdoors, be on the lookout for the following:

1. Be mindful of new blooms. Pets are curious. They may want to eat a colorful flower, especially if this is their first spring. Before letting your pet play outside, take a look at the area. Some lilies are harmful if ingested. The ASPCA has a complete index of pet-poisonous plants with images. 

2. Research before fertilizing. This tip goes hand-in-hand with keeping your pets away from toxic plants. You have to make sure the chemicals you apply to your lawn and garden are safe, too. Most insect control products will indicate the time necessary for the product to dry. Do your research before proceeding.

3. Understand common insects. Your pet may be attracted to a jumping or flying insect. They may want to catch it without knowing the danger. Before leaving your pet unsupervised in the yard, remember to check for wasps, bees, or spiders. 

4. Check the temperature. Spring temperatures can be very high depending on where you live. If your pet is in a house or coop, make sure it is well ventilated. Additionally, your animal should have plenty of shade to keep from overheating.

Food and water for outdoor pets

All pets need access to food and water throughout the day. To avoid a dirty water bowl, be sure to wash it daily with hot water and soap. Rinse it well until there is no residue left behind. The process will reduce bacteria and mold from growing in your pet’s water bowl. 

In regards to their food, you’ll need to discard any uneaten portions daily. It will keep down the flies and ants. If the food smells, you may need to consider removing it as soon as your animal finishes eating. For instance, cat foods usually have a high odor. Moreover, if you purchase your pet’s food in bulk to save money, make sure to store it properly.

Your pet likes your companionship the same way they need your involvement with their care. Monitoring your pet’s food and water supply is good not only in the spring, but during the entire year. 

Pet safety tips regarding grooming

In the spring, many pets have increased shedding. It’s essential to remove discarded dander and to keep their hair untangled. Regular brushing usually does the trick; however, you should consider going to a professional groomer. They can remove your pet’s “winter coat” to keep them cool and comfortable. Furthermore, groomers are well-versed in nail trimming for the season. They can keep your pet’s feet neat so they can enjoy the outdoors.

Keep an eye out for allergies

The final portion of our pet safety tips includes details about allergies. Just like humans, pets can have difficulties with pollen. If you notice your pet sneezing or itching, it may be time to investigate. A veterinarian will be able to answer any questions regarding your pet’s health. 

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