7 Solid Tips to Make Your Small Business Grow

There comes a time when we want to take our businesses to the next level. The problem is, we’re not exactly sure how. If you’ve dug your feet into the ground and started your own venture, but still look for ways to make your small business grow, we’ve got you covered. Here are 7 solid tips to get noticed and make the best of your resources.

Take advantage of social media

Above all, consider the amount of people you have free access to on social media. Millions of users log on every day and spend countless hours scrolling through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. If you haven’t tried at least one of these platforms, you’re missing out. To really make your small business grow, pick one and become a master of it. Post regularly to remind potential customers of all your goods and services. Furthermore, utilize these platforms to reach out to others when you have a sale. Of all of the resources for growing your business, social media is the most powerful.

Ask for feedback

Smart business owners are in tune with their customers. If you want your small business to grow, you have to assess your clientele often. Short, non-invasive surveys help you to understand your customer’s needs and wants. Then you can tweak your goods or services to cater to the masses. Additionally, surveys provide the opportunity to understand if any problems exist. Simple questionnaires that ask the customer to rate their experience are a good start. Also, make sure to leave room for some open-ended responses.

Let them see you shine

People are interested in the makers behind the scene. Accordingly, to make your small business grow, there should be info available about ownership, mission statements, and business culture. Furthermore, make sure to allocate events and milestones of the company. Don’t confuse this with sharing personal political views. This should be more like a quick synopsis mixed in with a few updates. Let them understand the true heart and motivation behind your small business, and provide sentiment of what it hopes to achieve. A little can go a long way when you let customers see the compassionate part of the business.

Get out into the community

Give back to the community that surrounds your business. Host fundraisers and charity events for local causes and recruit volunteers to help. This not only provides ample chances to network with the neighborhood, it also allows your small business to contribute social goodness.

Make sure you have everything you need

Our 5th tip to grow your small business is to make sure you have all the tools and supplies you need to adequately serve your customers. We get it, owning a business is a 24-hour job. Thus, business owners need to be able to access their accounts anytime and from anywhere. For this reason, Achieva offers many services and tools to our business members. Perks include helpful things that will make managing and monitoring your accounts a breeze such as:

• Online Banking and Bill Pay
• Treasury Management Package
• Connect easily with QuickBooks
• Financial planning services
• Night depositories

Have an iron-clad referral system.

More often than not, good word of mouth does wonders. To make your small business grow, offer your customers incentives for referring others to your shop. If you receive a good testimony, make sure it’s posted somewhere on your website. Having an iron-clad referral system is a great way to ensure growth.

Hire extra help.

Of course, sometimes, it just boils down to manpower. Our last solid way to grow your small business is to hire extra help where needed. There’s tons of ways your business could use a hand. First, do you have someone managing your social media? Next, do you have a public relations person? What about supplies? Break it down and figure out where there should be more focus.

Running a small business is no easy task. There’s actually nothing small about it. To help your business grow, you’ve got to get out in the community, increase referrals, as well as ask for periodical feedback. We look forward to seeing all of your success.

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