Thanksgiving Side Dishes That Are Cheap and Easy

Thanksgiving Side Dishes That Are Cheap and Easy

We are days away from one of the biggest holidays of the year. Do you have a plan for your Thanksgiving side dishes? Most people want to serve something pleasing to the eye, and they want it to taste good, too. Above all, they want to pull it off without spending a fortune. Find out how to choose between fresh or canned, simple or elaborate, and so much more. This article will discuss the tried and true ways to a great Thanksgiving dinner, all without going broke.

Canned food versus fresh

During the holidays, stores place their canned goods on sale. It may be enticing to score the big deal, however, check your costs. A can of processed green beans is typically more expensive than when buying fresh from bulk. When budgeting for your Thanksgiving side dishes, remember this fact.

Skip elaborate spices

While there’s no denying the uniqueness of spices, many flavors have cheap substitutions. Additionally, why fill your cabinet with items you’ll only use once a year? If you want to use a recipe that calls for something you don’t have, consider using these spice substitutes instead.

Salt, pepper, paprika, and cumin are among the basic building blocks of dried spices. Everything else is fair game. Even Sazon and Adobo have interchangeable counterparts. Don’t be afraid to experiment with flavors.

The grocery store is not the only place for wine

Think outside the box this year and consider having your wine shipped directly to your home. Online retailers offer more extensive selections than their grocery store competitors. Plus, per ounce, wines and spirits are usually cheaper. If you are serving drinks this year, check your available options.

America’s top 10 Thanksgiving side dishes

According to the Food Network, there are 10 Thanksgiving staples that we love. Here they are in ascending order.

#10: Spinach gratin
#9: Roasted root vegetables
#8: Roasted butternut squash
#7: Rolls and bread
#6: Roasted potatoes
#5: Brussels sprouts
#4: Green bean casserole
#3: Mashed potatoes
#2: Cranberry sauce
#1: Sweet potato casserole

Plan your menu now

If you haven’t already started, it’s time to plan now. Thanksgiving side dishes are easy to prepare, but you’ll need to map out your cooking arrangments and time. This season, use the tips above to enjoy a table full of delicious foods at the best price. Have a happy and GOOD Thanksgiving.

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