Keep the Costs of Thanksgiving Traditions Within Budget

Thanksgiving is a time for family, food, and fun. It’s a holiday that you love hosting, even though the crowd grows bigger and bigger each year. Everyone is excited and ready to sit at your table. There’s just one issue: you desire to save money. How do you do it all, yet keep Thanksgiving traditions within budget? The following strategies can make Turkey Day a success without going overboard on the spending.

First, set up a game plan.

Did you know that grocery stores often have holiday promotions to boost the sales of certain items? They work directly with manufactures during peak seasons. By purchasing food that is reduced because the time is fitting, (example: BOGO mashed potatoes), you can save a lot of money.

In addition, one thing to note is that not all food goes on sale at the same time. Most people, that did not plan ahead buy their entire Thanksgiving meal during one grocery trip. They may have coincidentally saved on a single item; but, consequently paid more for another. However, if you set up a game plan, and shop when the best prices are available, you will spend less.

Second, stick to the classics.

Sure, it may seem fantastic to make a brown sugar and bacon wrapped turkey, stuffed with jalapeño cornbread; but all those fancy ingredients add up. If, instead, you stick to the classics, you’ll keep all the Thanksgiving traditions within budget; as well as, save yourself from hassle.

Delicious Thanksgiving turkey is being basted using a plastic baster by man. It is in a tin foil roasting pan. There is stuffing in the turkey and the pan and the giblets are in tin foil next to the pan. Close up shot taken with Canon 5D Mark 3. rm

Next, ask guests to chip in.

We’re not talking finances here, we’re talking food. Suggest that each guest bring a side dish, or a dessert. This will alleviate some of the Thanksgiving purchases you have to make, and allow you to keep that extra money in your account. Just remember to coordinate within the family to avoid repeats. Nobody likes 13 dishes of green bean casserole, no matter how crunchy the french onion topping is.

In regards to decoration, stay natural.

Using nature inspired elements for decoration, will save a TON of money. Nobody loves fall decor more than you. But, as stated before, you’re on a long term mission to save. In regards to centerpieces and wall hangings, keep Thanksgiving traditions within budget by staying natural. Think of things like pinecones, dry hay, and ornamental gourds. These items can be found outside for free, yet look beautiful as fall decorations.

Thanksgiving traditions within budget? Check and check!

You did it! You’ve learned how to have a great holiday feast, without over spending. Keeping the costs of Thanksgiving traditions within budget is a no-brainer by now. Especially when you have a game plan, stick to the classics, and ask guests to chip in.

In conclusion, Thanksgiving is a wonderful time, full of many celebratory customs. From our family to yours, we hope you enjoy all the holiday has to offer.

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