Cheap and Unique Travel Tips to Break the Monotony

Cheap and Unique Travel Tips to Break the Monotony

Going on a trip is exciting, but not everyone enjoys the planning. Between packing and paying for reservations, a dream vacation can seem out of reach. To make things easier, we’re sharing our best travel tips. You’ll learn how to find money-saving deals and even uncover better ways to carry your luggage. 

Are you ready? With Achieva Credit Union and the eight travel tips below, you’ll be all set for some summertime fun.

1. Find the right deals on travel

Travel bundles can seem beneficial; however, keep your eye out for exclusions. Many lack the flexibility needed to change or cancel a trip. You can solve this problem by thoroughly reading the details before reserving. Make yourself aware of any cancellation fees and compare the prices of at least three sources. You’ll not only find the cheapest deals on travel, but you’ll get the right deals as well. 

2. Make copies of important documents

When traveling internationally, make two copies of your passport photo page and other necessary travel documents. Keep one set with you as you travel, and leave one set safe at home. If your items are lost or stolen, at least you’ll have access to a backup. 

3. Remember your duty

Speaking of traveling abroad, think first before you shop. The U.S. only allows $800 worth of purchases overseas before imposing a Customs Duty. Additionally, in most cases, those duties will need to be paid in full before you’re allowed back into the country. To help your travel go smoother, make sure to keep your receipts for all purchases abroad, regardless of costs.

4. Pack lightly

Packing cubes come in a variety of sizes to fill your organizational needs. They’ll help you pack lightly and stick to the essentials. Don’t forget to weigh your bag before traveling. Walking with 30lbs. on your back can feel like an eternity, so be careful not to overdo it. Sometimes having just enough is better than too much.

5. Cover vacation costs with lower interest payments

Why put your trip on a credit card when you can cover vacation costs at a lower rate? Achieva Credit Union wants you to make a splash this summer, so borrow up to $5,000 for as low as 8.00% APR*

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6. Stay hydrated and well-nourished

The hustle and bustle of traveling can put a burden on your body. Although frequent trips to the bathroom are annoying, they’re better to deal with than dehydration. Collapsible water bottles make perfect travel companions. Just be sure to empty them before boarding a plane. Also, aim for foods that are non-diuretic such as watermelon, cucumber, low-sodium soups, and most salads.

7. Choose your vacation rentals wisely

Before booking, do an independent search of your potential rental. You never want to go by an advertisement’s pictures alone. Check out the surroundings and if the internet provides photos from previous guests. Sites such as Yelp, Google, and even Twitter can give you a well-rounded review of the location.

8. Write it down, just in case

While most phone carriers have exceptional service, you may unexpectedly go to a place where your phone doesn’t work. Keep a copy of the hotel address in your wallet. Also, keep important phone numbers, too. If you’re traveling with friends, make sure everyone in the group does the same.

Successful travel tips include a network

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