How Collaborative Business Leadership Builds a Workplace

Strengthen the Workplace with Collaborative Business Leadership

It’s a known fact that a manager’s actions can make or break an employee’s motivation. With the looms of the pandemic, cancel culture, and shifts in politics, the dynamics within a company are more critical than ever. One approach to strengthening a workplace involves a tactic known as collaborative business leadership. However, it’s more than just everyone working in unison. 

Simply put, collaborative business leadership pushes to build relationships, end conflicts, and share control. It gives a voice to both the manager and employee, almost democratically. Throughout this article, we will demonstrate each aspect of using a collaborative approach. Additionally, we’ll discuss the types of businesses where it works best. Sometimes referred to as participative leadership, it could be the boost needed to make a small business grow. 

Companies that use collaborative business leadership

Lowe’s Home Improvement is our first example of a large company that uses a collaborative style. A centralized database assists employees with day-to-day tasks, as well as provides an outlet for feedback. Since the implementation, employees report changes in workplace satisfaction. Earlier this year, the CEO of Lowe’s stated they are “continually working on ways to protect and support our associates.” 

Another company that adapted into collaboration is Pixar. When Steve Jobs acquired the company a few decades ago, he had a long-term vision to create innovative animations. While Jobs was most famous for his later work at Apple, his 1999 Pixar headquarter renovation remains to this day. Jobs encouraged collaboration and designed the building to make people get out of their offices. He created a large space where people could mingle. The mixing of ideas and talents gave Pixar the creative advantage it needed to become an extremely sought-after workplace. 

Keypoints of a collaborative manager

How do collaborative managers differ from others? We’ve put together four key points.

1. They focus on both tasks and employee relationships.

The participative manager not only cares about completing tasks, but they seek to foster good professional relationships. The way their employees feel regarding workplace policies matter. Even if the manager disagrees with their employees, they will work hard to provide the most hospitable solution. 

2. They communicate responsibilities in detail.

The downfall of everyone working in a group occurs when some misunderstand their roles. An effective leader, especially one with a collaborative style, needs to communicate responsibilities in detail. Since opinions weigh evenly across the board, the leader should push towards a common goal. Everyone must know which part to handle. Furthermore, the leader describes when work is considered complete.

3. They spend time with their employees.

Typically, leaders with a collaborative focus frequently visit the production floor. They guide their employees with hands-on support and actively exchange feedback. It makes the job environment highly responsive and connects the individuals closer together.

4. They are open to change.

Lastly, a collaborative leader is flexible. Because they listen closely to employees, they understand that ideas can change from person to person. They consider every word from everybody. Understandably, not all opinions will affect policy; however, leaders still take account. 

Collaboration. A tool for small business?

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Collaborative business leadership works for any size business and is a great tool to develop rapport among employees. When backed with support from Achieva Credit Union, you’ll be on a GOOD path for success. The leaders of today play a more significant part than ever. Redefine the workplace and use collaboration to grow. 

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