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8 Helpful Ways to Actually Stay Focused at Work

8 Helpful Tips to Actually Stay Focused at Work

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If you think about it, eight hours is a long time. Even so, a lot of us go through a productivity slump as the workday continues. In fact, many employees admit to struggling the most after lunch. Before, the midday puts a halt on your workflow, be sure to check out these 8 helpful ways to actually stay focused at work. 1. Eliminate distractions The first way to stay focused at work is to eliminate distractions. If you're an employee with internet access, you'll find it helpful to stay off of social media. Moreover, stick to activities that will benefit your...
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4 Simple Employee Hiring Tips for Small Business Owners

4 Simple Tips on How to Hire Employees for Small Business Owners

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Employing the right people is so important. Everywhere, small business owners want to offer exceptional customer service and an ethical work environment. But, reigning in the right kind of talent can be tricky. If you're a small business owner on the verge of an expansion, pay attention. Below are some of the best tips on how to hire employees to help your business grow. 1. Define the job correctly First, on our list of employee hiring tips, is to create a job listing that is as detailed as possible. Listings that emphasize a needs-supplies based approach do better than listings that...
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Tips to have an insanely productive workweek.

6 Ways to Instantly Increase Productivity at Work

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We've all been there, counting down the minutes and wishing it was the end of our workweek. All of us have watched the clock tick, slower and slower, at some point of the day. It feels like nothing is getting accomplished and that we are just wasting away the moments. From boredom, comes lack of motivation; however, we've got a way to turn that around. If you'd like to refresh with more pep in your step then hang tight. Here are 6 ways to increase productivity every week at work. 1: Clean up your work environment First of all, nothing short changes...
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