Reasons You Need a Dedicated Workspace

Reasons to have a dedicated workspace while telecommuting

Industry roles are changing. Online job positions increased nearly 87% from pre-pandemic levels. Since 36.2 million Americans will be working remotely by 2025 (Ioannou, 2020), it’s time to discuss the needs of our digital nomads. 

The first is a dedicated workspace. For this article, we plan to go in-depth, including the most reliable work from home tips. The second is flexibility. Providers such as Airbnb report increased demands for laptop stations for traveling remote workers. 

The ability to work from home creates multiple opportunities, not only for the worker but also for the economy. Job flexibility and a dedicated workspace have their perks. Proceed with the rest of the text for additional comments and examples. 

The importance of a dedicated workspace

Every remote worker should have a dedicated place to set their laptops, even if that place changes from time to time. Uncluttered workstations allow for extended productivity, as well as comfort. For instance, a couch with a TV tray is not an ideal place to work from home.

Furthermore, remote working power is only as strong as the wifi. As part of a proper setup, make sure to include a secure internet connection.

How to make a space laptop-friendly

Follow this list of home office upgrades and features:

-Good lighting
South-facing windows get the most sun; however, desk lamps are a great backup.

-Access to outlets
Make sure laptops and cellphones can plug in neatly without becoming tangled.

-Quiet working environment
Doing activities online is best when workers can concentrate.

-Snacks and coffee nearby
No one wants to get up when they’re in the zone. To ward off unexpected hunger, having snacks nearby is essential. Need to tackle a few virtual team-building exercises? No problem.

-Large working surface
There should be ample room to stretch out arms and legs. Additionally, the desk should have free space to add necessities.

-Ergonomic function
Laptop stands, back supports, and footrests make sitting for extensive periods more comfortable.

-Office supplies within reach
Items such as pens, notepads, and planners will support remote working purposes.

Americans aren’t ready to return to the office

As surveys show, workers within the US aren’t ready to conduct their jobs face-to-face (Forman, 2021). The consensus leads to the remote worker’s ultimate need for flexibility. If a job can be performed online, does it matter where it’s done? From a business standpoint, a company may be better off allowing freedom.

“The biggest shift in the post-pandemic workplace will be the radical change in flexibility,” according to John Harrison, design director of the architectural firm Gensler (Levere, 2021). He, along with other department heads in his company, believe they must offer choices. If not, they risk losing workers. 

A committed space for telecommuting

As we’ve noted above, a dedicated workspace means a lot to remote workers. It makes their time have more impact and is an influential need across the industry. Be on the lookout, with further analysis regarding changes to the corporate office. We’ll continue to keep you up-to-date with financial and economic trends.



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