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Sarasota Ranks as Best Places in America to Start a Business

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In a recent release from CNBC, Sarasota ranks as best 20 places in America to start a business. That's pretty cool news to us. Moreover, according to, Sarasota's economy is driven by education, arts, tourism, and financial services. It's no surprise that this city beams with greatness in each of these categories; but have you ever wanted to dig a little deeper? I mean, Sarasota is more than sunshine and beaches. It's about community and booming businesses. Continue reading for a breakdown of the city, and all of the many things provided to its business holders. There are abundant avenues in education. When published...
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The Exciting News About Achieva’s Scholarship Competition

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Certainly, 2017 wouldn't make headlines if it didn't have some exciting news. Do you know a high school senior graduating this year? Or perhaps you're the one currently enrolled in a college or trade school. If you've answered yes to either one of these questions, then you're going to want to check out this article. Seriously, we're jumping for you to read it all the way to the end. That's because our active Achieva Credit Union members, with good standings on their accounts, have the chance to enter two unique scholarship competitions. Well, without further ado, let's hop right in and discuss more details. What do...
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Enjoying the Grand Ole Osprey

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It’s not every day that a pair of nesting birds moves into the neighborhood. But that’s exactly what happened at Achieva’s  4th Street location in St. Petersburg! Back in 2014, a pair of beautiful osprey (also called sea hawks) built a nest on top of Achieva’s monument sign. Unfortunately, their nest, and the eggs inside, was destroyed during a storm. Undaunted, the couple returned to rebuild their home atop the sign. Fearing a repeat of the previous disaster, Achieva staff consulted the local chapter of the Audubon Society, which recommended that the nest be relocated to a safe and appropriate...
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